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Week 12 – #42 The Wild Side

Now to the truth of Gecko Festival …..

Its the Wild Side – where costumes of all manners are found and the partying is enjoyed by all ages.

42 - The Wild Side-1(the collage format is for Vinnie – just don’t expect it often)


Week 11 – #38 Street Scenes

From this year’s Gulfport Gecko Festival marking the end of summer – the different street performers that entertained the crowd with feats of skill and comedy.38 - Street Scenes-1

38 - Street Scenes-2

38 - Street Scenes-3

38 - Street Scenes-5

38 - Street Scenes-4

38 - Street Scenes-6

38 - Street Scenes-7

Yes he is jumping over 5 people – and yes he made it.


Week 10 – # 15 Looking Up

15 - Looking Up-1

This is the view looking up at the ceiling or covered roof at the Tropicana Stadium, home of the Tampa Rays Baseball team in St. Petersburg, FL.


Week 9 – # 27 Quaint and Quirky




Whimseyland.  In Safety Harbor, FL, is a couple of houses, that are known as Whimseyland, or  the Bowling Ball House.

There are bowling balls that have been painted and have become part of the landscaping.  But it is not just bowling balls, there are glass bottles, metal structures and mosaics on the walkways and steps. Artists Todd Ramquist and Kiaralinda own the houses and decorate them.  They asked a number of artists to join in decorating the bowling balls, and now they are exhibited in a building they call the bowling ball museum on the property.


The Fire Fighter Dog


The Orange Tree

And look, after all this time, I found that elusive Y2K Bug  here!


And a pink and purple elephant (and I was not drinking…..yet)


When snow gets over 2 inches in FL _ to heck with no parking – I am leaving….



and oh no – the flamingos are flocking …. beware…

What a cute place and I just scratched the surface with these photos.


Week 8 – #24 Out of Bounds

24 - out of bounds-1

At a Tampa Rays baseball game, there is the running of the drinks – Pepsi, Pepsi Diet and Aquafina water.  They run on the side of the field, out of bounds in the part of the field that a hit ball would be called foul.


Week 7 – #18 Movie Title


The Day the Earth Stood Still – 1951  with Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal and Hugh Marlowe.

This is from the Bishop Planetarium Theater trip located in Bradenton at the South Florida Museum with Carmen Schettino. Carmen has worked with the museum to provide us access and we have the planetarium theater all to ourselves.  Carmen works with Howard, the planetarium theater operator who can pull in different planets and asteroids, and space craft to the digital full dome theater, then he provided instruction for our setups to photograph them.  Its a nice little trip.

The planetarium theater has the Digistar 5 dual Projection System with projectors that are more than three times as bright and twelve times crisper (higher contrast) than the previous projectors. The system allows for exploration of Earth through the use of 200 continually updated satellite datasets of our planet’s land, ocean, atmosphere and climate and live Bing and OnTerra views of the entire planet. They have stadium style seating and a digital 25,000 watt Dolby 5.1 surround sound system, and are capable of accommodating a wide range of programs, from lectures to film series to live performances. But first and foremost, the planetarium is a remarkable astronomy education resource, allowing visitors to explore their universe through traditional live star talks and immersive virtual journeys to the far reaches of the cosmos. They have shows that you can see. Check out their schedule at :

My settings were iso 200, f8, 13 sec exposure, at 77mm – using a tripod and a remote shutter control.


Week 6 – #33 Something with Wings

From the Florida Aquarium – rays and skates.  They look like they are flapping wings as they glide through the water.33 - Something with Wings-4

33 - Something with Wings-3

33 - Something with Wings-2

33 - Something with Wings-1


Week 5 – #43 Tools of the Trade

In Heritage Village’s General Store there is a barber shop complete with all the tools of the trade that a barber would use.  43 - Tools of the Trade-1


Week 4 – # 39 Orton Effect

23 - Orton Effect-1

I went to the Florida Botanical Garden in Largo to get this setting for trying this effect.  I had never heard of it, but I am always looking to learn new techniques.  Not necessarily new to the photographic community, but new to me.  This one has specific instructions for doing with a film camera, which I do not own any longer, but I did find the instructions for doing this in photoshop.  So here goes.

I can say it is not high on my list for something I would do, but there might be a use in the future.



Week 3 – #39 The Garage

39 - The Garage-1

39 - The Garage-2

From Heritage Village in Largo, FL, here is The Garage. These are two working vehicles.  They take them out and drive them during the cooler months.  The first is, I believe, a Model T Ford car and this one is a truck.  Notice the J C Higgins water bag on the front of the car, so they would have water for the radiator.   Heritage Village is right next to the Florida Botanical Garden in Largo.