Week 11 – #34 Squares

From the Naples Botanical Garden, another structure by flamework glass artist Hans Godo Fräbel.  His artistry will be on exhibit in the gardens until March 31, 2019.  I would have loved to take in the gardens with their Christmas lights which I might still be able to do as they run until January 3rd.  They have stated that they don’t just do decorations but use the lights to help you focus on the plant structures and textures.  This could be very interesting to photograph.  fingers crossed that I can do it this year.

Week 9 – #35 Color Harmony

For Color Harmony, I submit an image of some of the color harmony on the Christmas tree in the Disney Grand Floridian Hotel.  The blues and the orange and yellow are split-complementary colors.  The whites are used to accent.  It was very pleasing to the eye.  The subdued hues are used to reflect back to time gone by.

Week 7 – #4 Wild Card

 For this wild card, I choose the statue constructed solely from 1950’s and 1960’s chrome car bumpers.  It was created by Sean Guerrero to celebrate the Denver Broncos’ 1987 Superbowl appearance.  The NY Giants beat the Broncos that year.  The statue weighs more than 1 ton and measures nearly 20 feet in length. It is not something you see every day (unless you live in St Augustine and drive by Ripley’s Museum as the statue is in the parking lot.)

Week 6 – #26 Loneliness

From “The Old Jail” in St. Augustine, Florida, here is an image taken in one of the jail cells with statues to indicate how little room was available to the inmates.
The jail was built in 1891 and held prisoners until 1953.  The builders were the same ones that later constructed Alcatraz Prison in California.  Up to 72 inmates could be housed in the building along with the living quarters for the sheriff and his family.   Up to 4 inmates in a cell, no indoor plumbing until 1914 and open air barred windows.  So while they may be crowded in these cells, and in Florida’s humidity, with only 1 bath a week (and everyone used the same bath water) I am sure this smelled just lovely, the feelings of loneliness probably ran high.

Week 3 – #23 Balance – Composition

The above image for the theme Balance was taken at Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, Florida. These were characters  in the  Reflections on Glass: Frabel in the Garden exhibit that is going on now.  I selected 5 of the glass characters to provide the balance to the image and they are balancing on the glass balls in the pond.

Reflections on Glass: Fräbel in the Garden brings a collection of whimsical glass sculptures and installations by flamework glass artist Hans Godo Fräbel to Naples for the first time. This whimsical exhibition features botanical pieces, playful figures, and ornate geometric shapes.

Long regarded as one of the most influential flameworkers in America, Fräbel has been an important part of the evolution of flameworking into a recognized and respected art medium. His works can be found in public and private collections in over 80 countries worldwide.