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Week 5 – #43 Tools of the Trade

In Heritage Village’s General Store there is a barber shop complete with all the tools of the trade that a barber would use.  43 - Tools of the Trade-1


Week 4 – # 39 Orton Effect

23 - Orton Effect-1

I went to the Florida Botanical Garden in Largo to get this setting for trying this effect.  I had never heard of it, but I am always looking to learn new techniques.  Not necessarily new to the photographic community, but new to me.  This one has specific instructions for doing with a film camera, which I do not own any longer, but I did find the instructions for doing this in photoshop.  So here goes.

I can say it is not high on my list for something I would do, but there might be a use in the future.



Week 3 – #39 The Garage

39 - The Garage-1

39 - The Garage-2

From Heritage Village in Largo, FL, here is The Garage. These are two working vehicles.  They take them out and drive them during the cooler months.  The first is, I believe, a Model T Ford car and this one is a truck.  Notice the J C Higgins water bag on the front of the car, so they would have water for the radiator.   Heritage Village is right next to the Florida Botanical Garden in Largo.


Week 2 – #50 White on White

50 - White on White-3

50 - White on White-2

I bet you guessed that this was coming after the last post.  But seriously, how could I pass up on this one – with all the white on white at The Beach.  Since I did the images of people in the white balls, I did select to use the white balls versus other things at this event that would also fit this bill.


Week 1 – #52 With a Ball

52 - With a ball-7Well maybe a few more than just a ball – try 1.2 million balls.

52 - With a ball-1   52 - With a ball-2

52 - With a ball-3

A new art exhibit has been setup inside the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida – its called The Beach.  15,000 square feet of the arena floor has been transformed with white walls, mirrored walls, and white floor. And filling this area is 1.2 million small white balls.  The back of the area is setup with beach chairs and white umbrellas, and a white Tiki Hut for concessions.  The floor slopes out to a center that is raised, but the area on three sides of it drop away where the balls become the “water”.  The kids (adults too) were “swimming” in the white balls, playing with inflatable rings and sharks, laughing and having a grand time.  Your visit to the beach is supposed to be about 45 minutes, and they limit the number of people in there for safety reasons.  There are lockers for you to put your personal belongings as if you drop something in the “water”  it will be days before it is found.

52 - With a ball-4   52 - With a ball-5

52 - With a ball-6 

52 - With a ball-8 52 - With a ball-9It was brought to Tampa by  Penny and Jeff Vinik.  The Beach was created by Snarkitecture, a New York-based architecture and design studio. After a lot of logistics, the Viniks were able to bring it to Tampa and share it with the Bay Area. Their goal is for people to enjoy the experience, see art in a different way, and have fun.

“Art has many definitions. Art can also be an immersive experience. [I am] so excited about doing this,” Jeff said. “Display a different definition of art, free for everyone in the community.”

Before you start thinking about the germs, Snarkitecture said not to worry. The plastic balls are protected with GermBLOCK, which, the makers say, protects people from 50 different kinds of bacteria.


It will be here from August 5 – 25th.  And its FREE.  You need to go online to get your tickets, and they will provide you with a free ice cream while you wait to go in and a parking validation for the nearby garage.  So what is not to like?  It is truly for all ages.

Here is the website – go – you will have fun.


Week 52 – #26 Mealtime

26 mealtime-1

Just a sampling of some of the foods (notice desserts outnumber everything else…….) from the meal times on the Avalon River Cruise.


Week 51 – #21 Industrial

16 - Industrial-1 Old rusty remnants of the process to load barges on the river.


Week 50 – #9 Complementary Colors

From a window box in Miltenberg, Germany

9 - Complementary Colors-1


Week 49 – #11 Descending

11 - Descending-1Ÿ

Don’t mis-step while you are working the vines or you will be descending at a rapid rate.

11 - Descending-2

In France and Germany we saw many vineyards on our travels and the one thing that stuck me was that the rows were not across the hillside but up and down it.  Here is the DR H THANISCH vineyard in Bernkastel Germany, which makes a reisling.  And yes it is that steep.  This vineyard is up the hillside from the Moselle River above the town.


Week 48 – #15 Faces in everyday places [Pareidolia]

15 Pareidolia-1

I have had a hard time with this theme – I wasn’t seeing faces. Even in other people’s posts – I tried but for the most part, I just didn’t see what they were seeing.

Then when I was editing this image from Paris – this jumped out at me – I saw eyes and a mustache looking back at me.   Now if you don’t see it – well, I understand, as I have fought with this theme for the year, but hopefully you see him looking back at you too.

Here is the Abercombie and Fitch gate at 23 avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France.



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