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Week 48 – #44 Topless

I submit this topless totem from Hawaii – in the Foster Botanical Gardens in O’ahu. Clearly some god was not happy with how he was depicted. 


Week 47 – #26 Prohibited

For Prohibited, I submit photos of the Sanibel fishing houses, which in some’s view should not exist.  What I mean, is that regulations were passed that said you could not build them, and these could not be sold or could not be rebuilt if anything would happen to them.  And of course, hurricane Charlie happened, and of course, the owners started to rebuild. The resulting lawsuit, resulted in the owners winning because of how the law was written.  The building structure might have been gone but the expense of sinking the pylons was the greatest part and since those still existed, the majority of the value was still there, thus allowing the owners to still maintain these fishing houses and rebuild them.  But the state is watching..







Week 46 – #36 Stitched Together

This theme, I am using just 4 photos of gowns from Leigh Ann Brown’s “Portrait of a Bride, an Evolving Silhouette”  presentation to the Valencia Lakes Women’s Club covering wedding gowns from 1879 to present.  I picked the older gowns as these might not be something you would have seen before.  This was a very well detailed presentation on how women’s fashion changed with the times including the impact of war and financial changes.  Some of these were from a time when you stitched your own gown.

 If you get to see Leigh Ann’s presentation – go, it was something to see.


Week 45 – #6 Beam of Light

Beam of Light – Here are some chandeliers or lamps in New Orleans that provide beams of light for an entrance, a lobby or a street side.  Some very unusual, some expected but with a modern twist.



Week 44 – #20 Negative Space

Negative space – from one of the railings in New Orleans. A fleur de lis in wrought iron. This was taken on a balcony on the Omni Hotel.

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Week 43 – #8 – Break the rule of thirds

The visitors –

For breaking the rule of thirds, I present my cat Hermes and his sandhill crane visitors.  Nothing is where it should be in the rule of thirds. And since this was taken through a screen, I used topaz impressions II, to give it a texture yet maintaining the photographic detail.


Week 42 – #1 A Fairy Tale

I went with the Valencia Lakes Singles club to the Florida History Museum in Tampa and they had an exhibit called – Finding Fairyland – Rediscovering Tampa’s Lost Theme Park.  Located in what is now Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, it was originally founded and named in honor of Sumter Lowry, Sr in 1925.  The zoological portion had its start in the late 1950’s.  The main attraction back in in 1925 was not the animals though – at least not real ones.  Instead people came to see animals and people from their favorite nursery rhymes and storybooks.  They came to see Fairyland.  Tampa mayor Nick Nuccio is credited with creating the zoo that we know today as well as the establishment of Fairyland.  It was modeled after Storyland in New Orleans.  Fairyland consisted of over a dozen different nursery rhyme and children’s storybook vignettes.

By 2016, the city of Tampa determined that the figurines were surplus property and would be sold at auction.  Nunez wanted to find a way to rescue the figures and have them restored.  He partnered with several people including Dan Perez of Tampa Pix, to create the movement that soon took the name Saving Fairyland.  The auction took place on January 2017, and they acquired some of the figures.

This is what the figurines looked like in their original settings.

How many do you recognize?

Hickory Dickory Dock. The mouse ran up the clock…

Little miss muffet, …along came a spider….


inside the pumpkin

Humpty Dumpty…… all the king’s men…

Jack and the beanstalk.

Three little pigs…

Snow White and the seven dwarfs  (well they didn’t have all of them).

Prince Charming


Ahh, history fading away.  Hopefully they can restore some of these.


Week 41 – #40 Good Old Days

Good Old Days – Baseball, Apple Pie, Hot Dogs and Mom   or was that Chevrolet.  Just thinking back to the old sayings – or car themes.  It gets confusing as to when these sayings started.  But here is my throw back – 

This is my friend Jean’s dog ( stretching that hot dog term) Trish, at the Dog Day at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

And of course we must include the baseball part of this – Here are a couple of the Tampa Yankees who took their supporting Baseball Buddies onto the field for the national anthem.   A great experience for young players getting to meet the players – and future stars of tomorrow.

And the Yankees won.  (well at least they weren’t playing the Red Sox, so it was OK).  :^)


Week 40 – #48 What a Character

Well now.  Go to New Orleans and walk around and I bet you will find more than one “What a Character”.  Here are a couple of mine.

David “Purple Man” Carriere and his trusty mule “Mother-in-Law”, standing here after our ride around the French Quarter with Becky.  If you go, ride with David, and he will surely show you a good time.  We laughed so hard.

Breakfast in New Orleans means a stop at “The Grill”.  Here are the two funny men who waited on us.  Quite some breakfast too.

Down by the French Market, we spotted this gentleman – who sported a look that caused us to think – Boy George – well from a few years ago.

And finally this guy, from Jackson Square.  Not sure what his thing was all about, but that was some getup!

Now there were lots of groups playing in the street, but I was looking for more of a single person that would catch my eye.



Week 39 – #51 Windowscapes

In New Orleans, there were all kinds of things in the shop windows.  But….. these caught my eye.

Where else would you see mer-men?

Oh yeah and for a couple of my friends with a thing for shoes –

Not what you were expecting huh?  Well I do get to have fun doing this too.