Week 5 – #44 Red, White & Blue

While driving to work, I was cutoff by a Nissan Xterra  and I got a very close look at the tail lights of that vehicle, closer than I would have liked.  But now with the joy of having to follow this vehicle for the next couple of miles, my frustration with the driver faded as I stared at the tail light.  Although it was vertical, I kept noticing that it looked like two red eyes, a white nose and a blue smirk.  (I may be reading too much Stephen King, or  the little robot Wall-E,  lol)   I decided this would be my red, white and blue.  So now I needed to find a blue Nissan Xterra, as I surely did not want anything to do with the driver of this one.
I went over to Firkins Nissan on Cortez Rd, and was greeted by Oscar Rodriguez who was very nice and allowed me to setup and take photos of the tail light of the blue version of the vehicle that stared at me that morning going to work.  If it starts talking, I will be going the other way very, very quickly.


Week 4 – # 31 – Trash or Treasure

I work very near a little deli – Kelsey’s Deli on 63rd Ave E in Bradenton, that also provides specialized meals for private planes, under Blue Parrot Catering.  I have lunch there many times a week and the owners have been adding items to the walls of the deli, many of which you would recognize from years gone by.  One item that caught my eye was this pair of skates, the leather straps  and they even had the key.   I immediately thought of the theme – Trash or Treasure.  Now to today’s youth, these would be considered trash, but I remember these fondly from my youth.  Stepping into these and using the key to tighten them to my sneakers in preparation for going flying down the street.  And the not so fondly – skinned knees.  We didn’t have knee and elbow pads like they do today.
A big Thank you to the owners Ken and Diane Dowse for allowing me to go in after the lunch rush and take a couple of photos of the roller skates.

Week 3 – #3 Change of Time

I originally had something else planned for this theme, but when during the demolition of a building, this wall was uncovered, I decided to change my mind and go with this.  How cool is this find!   Think of how stores advertise today.  How do stores let you know they are there? Neon, wooden signs, window painting, are some of the ways, but in our history, this was more common. 

The building next to it covered up this advertisement for years.  If you look in the upper right side of the sign, you see the signature of the painters – Loto Bros.  When I took the photo, I left the pay phone as I haven’t seen one of those in a long time either.  I also left a little of the front of the coffee shop in order for you to see that it is the building on Central Avenue near 5th street in St. Pete, FL.  I am hoping that St. Pete saves this, if not in its original location, that they move it.  I guess the coffee shop would have to agree to that since it is the outside of their establishment that would need to be removed.   I believe Bank of America is going to be constructing on the lot next to it, which is why the former building was demolished.
The timing for this was the 1920s.  I have attached an ad from the St Petersburg paper from February 20, 1921.

ST Pete ad for Ermatinger


Week 2 – #45 – Bubbles

To start the 2nd week of this challenge I have decided to do Bubbles.  Now what could I do for Bubbles.   Thought about the kids blowing bubbles, but since my “kid” (he would not be happy if I called him a kid) is over 6 foot, over 30, in the Navy and not about to blow bubbles for his mom, no matter how much I tell him I love him.  I don’t really want to take photos of other people’s children, especially now a days.  Fish blow bubbles, but I do not have an underwater camera.   So, again, similar to week 1, I am going to have to create my own situation.
My entry for bubbles – strawberry & club soda.  Lighting via a flashlight.

F9, 1.3 sec, ISO 400, 75mm

Week 1 – #25 – A Little Red Dot

A challenge.  I will say.  Landscapes and wildlife are there for us to photograph, but this challenge – makes you visit each of the theme items and spend time interpreting what each means.  And with that thought, I am starting this challenge with a little red dot.  I looked at flowers, bugs, and determined this was going to take me longer to find a true red.  I found a lot of orange, but not a red and no dots. And this was a little red dot, not dots. Not as easy as it looks.

Then…… the red dot captured me.  I found the red dot wherever I looked.  Including rolling down the white hill against a blue sky.  Ok, it was a towel, but you get the drift.   This was going to be fun.  And it is giving me chances to spend time trying different things with my camera.

F22, 2.5 sec., ISO 250, 73mm

Rolling Down Hill