Week 1 – #25 – A Little Red Dot

A challenge.  I will say.  Landscapes and wildlife are there for us to photograph, but this challenge – makes you visit each of the theme items and spend time interpreting what each means.  And with that thought, I am starting this challenge with a little red dot.  I looked at flowers, bugs, and determined this was going to take me longer to find a true red.  I found a lot of orange, but not a red and no dots. And this was a little red dot, not dots. Not as easy as it looks.

Then…… the red dot captured me.  I found the red dot wherever I looked.  Including rolling down the white hill against a blue sky.  Ok, it was a towel, but you get the drift.   This was going to be fun.  And it is giving me chances to spend time trying different things with my camera.

F22, 2.5 sec., ISO 250, 73mm

Rolling Down Hill

9 thoughts on “Week 1 – #25 – A Little Red Dot

  1. Ah so to stop the wondering, the blue is a towel, the white is a small cat toy, and the red dot – well , it is the head of an extra fine straight pin – with a 5mm crystal glass ball head – red.

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