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Week 3 – #3 Change of Time

on August 12, 2012

I originally had something else planned for this theme, but when during the demolition of a building, this wall was uncovered, I decided to change my mind and go with this.  How cool is this find!   Think of how stores advertise today.  How do stores let you know they are there? Neon, wooden signs, window painting, are some of the ways, but in our history, this was more common. 

The building next to it covered up this advertisement for years.  If you look in the upper right side of the sign, you see the signature of the painters – Loto Bros.  When I took the photo, I left the pay phone as I haven’t seen one of those in a long time either.  I also left a little of the front of the coffee shop in order for you to see that it is the building on Central Avenue near 5th street in St. Pete, FL.  I am hoping that St. Pete saves this, if not in its original location, that they move it.  I guess the coffee shop would have to agree to that since it is the outside of their establishment that would need to be removed.   I believe Bank of America is going to be constructing on the lot next to it, which is why the former building was demolished.
The timing for this was the 1920s.  I have attached an ad from the St Petersburg paper from February 20, 1921.

ST Pete ad for Ermatinger



11 responses to “Week 3 – #3 Change of Time

  1. shelby1120 says:

    Sue – This is wonderful on so many levels – the photography, the wall itself, the story, the research into the actual ad they published years ago. Fantastic!

  2. tnwaltz says:

    Another great photo. To find this is truly a treasure and to include a newspaper advertisement for Ermatinger Panama Hats is creme de la creme.

    • Sue Karski says:

      I had to search because the name was unusual to me, not being from here, and I wanted to know the time frame for the signage. I didn’t expect to find a news ad on the web but it popped up. I did not find the same level of information on the toy store, though I did see a small 2 line entry for buying accessories from Haywards also from the 1920s. I just think it is so cool to find the signage in such great condition. Think of the years of wear between the two buildings – rain etc. and it still has great color.

  3. peggybatten says:

    Thanks for the History info, very interesting

  4. what a find! – nicely done and love to hear the history.

  5. Kim Bolyard says:

    Love, love, love this photo. Next time I am in st. pete I have to take a look. Great job with the theme

  6. legdallas says:

    Great photo! Cool idea.

  7. Great shot and history lesson!

  8. Traci Kegerreis says:

    Fantastic detail, vibrant colors, great history – LOVE it. Well done!

  9. thegatorgal says:

    What a spectacular find! And it was preserved by being covered up by the wall next door. I hope somehow that can be saved. But you have saved it!

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