Week 4 – # 31 – Trash or Treasure

I work very near a little deli – Kelsey’s Deli on 63rd Ave E in Bradenton, that also provides specialized meals for private planes, under Blue Parrot Catering.  I have lunch there many times a week and the owners have been adding items to the walls of the deli, many of which you would recognize from years gone by.  One item that caught my eye was this pair of skates, the leather straps  and they even had the key.   I immediately thought of the theme – Trash or Treasure.  Now to today’s youth, these would be considered trash, but I remember these fondly from my youth.  Stepping into these and using the key to tighten them to my sneakers in preparation for going flying down the street.  And the not so fondly – skinned knees.  We didn’t have knee and elbow pads like they do today.
A big Thank you to the owners Ken and Diane Dowse for allowing me to go in after the lunch rush and take a couple of photos of the roller skates.

6 thoughts on “Week 4 – # 31 – Trash or Treasure

  1. I remember taking the wheels apart and trying to replace the ball bearings – needless to say I lost some and my skates were never as smooth – great shot and unique subject.

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