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Week 5 – #44 Red, White & Blue

on August 27, 2012

While driving to work, I was cutoff by a Nissan Xterra  and I got a very close look at the tail lights of that vehicle, closer than I would have liked.  But now with the joy of having to follow this vehicle for the next couple of miles, my frustration with the driver faded as I stared at the tail light.  Although it was vertical, I kept noticing that it looked like two red eyes, a white nose and a blue smirk.  (I may be reading too much Stephen King, or  the little robot Wall-E,  lol)   I decided this would be my red, white and blue.  So now I needed to find a blue Nissan Xterra, as I surely did not want anything to do with the driver of this one.
I went over to Firkins Nissan on Cortez Rd, and was greeted by Oscar Rodriguez who was very nice and allowed me to setup and take photos of the tail light of the blue version of the vehicle that stared at me that morning going to work.  If it starts talking, I will be going the other way very, very quickly.


5 responses to “Week 5 – #44 Red, White & Blue

  1. shelby1120 says:

    It DOES look like a scary alien from Mars, the Red Planet! Excellent photo including finding the photo op in a safe area, and good story to back it up!

  2. That’s funny! – now thats dedication finding another one and how nice of Oscar to accommodate your request.

  3. afinkl says:

    Funny…I see it. Great story too!

  4. You did it again,,,great photo! Great way to channel frustration!

  5. thegatorgal says:

    Could be a quirky little cartoon character.

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