week 6 – # 47 A Pair Of…

I have been away on a trip to Wyoming and a little of Montana and have falling behind in my postings.  My apologies.  I will try to catch up in the next couple of days.

That being said, on to the theme for week 6 – a pair of.   This really gives you a wide opening of things to use for this shot, but after being in Yellowstone with all the wildlife, coming up with a pair of something became both easy and difficult.  Hmm, which to chose, Elk, Bison, or Antelope (Pronghorns).  The Bison really didn’t “couple” up while I was photographing them.  Now I did get some young males practicing the rut, and the Pronghorns were usually in a herd not a “couple or pair”.  So that leaves the Elk.  And then do I pick the mother and daughter elk or a couple.   Such difficult decisions when you only get to pick one.

So the decision is……  the elk couple….

A pair of Elks in Grand Tetons at sunrise.

6 thoughts on “week 6 – # 47 A Pair Of…

  1. Nice shot Sue. It is so much more enjoyable to shot animals with a camera rather than a gun. I can say this because I used to hunt deer in my younger years and now I find it a lot more enjoyable through the lens of my camera rather than the site of a gun.

  2. Great selection Sue. Beautiful shot. I absolutely love the Tetons & Yellowstone. I had an opportunity to spend some time there 3 years ago, but it wasn’t enough time. Never is. It was my 4th trip there. Hopefully not my last.

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