Week 8 – #42 Walking Downtown

Continuing with my vacation photos, I was trying to decide which of the photos I took of downtown Jackson, WY would best fit this theme.  I wanted this to represent something that we do not see when we walk downtown in Sarasota.  There were many different shots I could have used, such as the theatre with Cat Ballou playing, or the street scene with the stage coach right along with the cars.  But I decided on the city square of Jackson with George Washington Memorial Park.  I was fascinated by the 4 arches made of antlers.  At each of the 4 corners of the city park, there is an arch made entirely of elk antlers.  These fall of the animals naturally and regrow every year.  The antler arches have been in Jackson since the early 1960s with the boy scouts collecting the antlers in the National Elk Refuge  and new arches are made to replace the ones currently on display.
If you look through the arch you will see the statue to John Colter who was a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  He reported finding these unusual things – bubbling mudpots, geysers and steaming water to Fort Raymond and no one believed him and they called the region “Colter’s Hell”.  Little did they know.

If you look through the arch you will also see the arch on the far corner of the park.  This is definitely not something we would find in Florida.

Elk Arch at Jackson WY

6 thoughts on “Week 8 – #42 Walking Downtown

  1. Sue, A great photo and really interesting write up on the antlers. Was trying to think what would be Sarasota’s equivalent and the only thing that sprang to mind would be sandcastles.

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