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Week 10 – #33 On A Farm

on September 30, 2012

Trying again just to step a little off the normal, I am going to go with a black and white version of the Moulton Barn taken with the Grand Tetons in the background for my choice for On A Farm.  Though this is no longer a working farm, this is definitely a barn on what used to be a farm.  I couldn’t think of a better view than the Cathedral Group of the Tetons for a backdrop for this barn.


10 responses to “Week 10 – #33 On A Farm

  1. How beautiful – hard to imagine living in such a remote area hundreds of years ago. Bet the stars are gorgeous at night (as opposed to the day?!)

  2. ronaldhecox says:

    Love the contrast — great shot.

  3. tnwaltz says:

    Selective coloring was a good choice for this photo. I can’t determine what I want to look at in this photo…the barn or the Grand Tetons. Beautiful.

  4. Really fun shot. I really like the B&W plus color technique.

  5. Terry says:

    What a beautiful photo. The black & white gives you a feel of the isolation while the pop of color in the barn has a feeling of life.

  6. mindytowns says:

    Cool photo Sue! I wouldn’t have thought to add back the brown!

  7. Love what you did with this shot! I wonder how many more years that will stand? It must have been photographed millions of times! Great shot.

  8. Doug Sahlin says:

    Ah, what beautiful country. The old buildings last a lot longer out west due to the fact that they have little humidity. Nice capture.

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