Week 13 – #19 Poverty and or Wealth

I apologize for not posting for a bit.  I have had some issues with my camera.  I will now be attempting to catch up.

With that said, on to this catch-up post.   I recently made a trip to Maryland for a class.  While I was there, I made the drive to Washington, DC, for sunrise.  My plan was to catch the sun shining on the dome of the capitol building.  Of course, this is me.  If there is chance of rain, count on it, or  chance of fog, bet on it.  Then again, maybe this is for the best as it setup my shot, at least in my mind – How many of us feel that Congress is in the fog?  I Poverty and or Wealthpicked this building for the theme Wealthy or Poor.  With the current tug-o-war going on over raising taxes, I thought this fit very nicely.

7 thoughts on “Week 13 – #19 Poverty and or Wealth

  1. The fog and tug-of-war are very appropriate! I have not found my inspiration yet for poverty or wealth, but you did a good job and also got a lovely shot unlike any I’ve seen of the iconic structure. Beautiful reflection too. I do not remember the position of the statues at waterside to the right being there, so it is a very interesting view.

  2. Traci Kegerreis

    This picture is so fitting with the issues in Congress right now! It is beautiful and eerie too. The reflection in the pool is beautiful.

  3. Nice job on getting a better shot than planned. As I always say, “Right Place, Right Time” and one needs to be prepared because you will never know in advance what the outcome will be — unless you do portrait work like LB and Mindy. 🙂

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