Photography Challenge with Sue Karski

A Weekly Photo Themed Blog

2013 – 2014 Themes

Here they are – what a doozy of a list.  So are you in for the ride?  I will be putting my spin on how I interpreted 52 of them.

So come back for another 52 weeks of my photographic interpretations. – Thank you for joining me.

1. A Hot Ride
2. A Song Title
3. An Expression of Love
4. Architecture
5. Bouncer
6. By Candle Light
7. Catch Me If You Can
8. Distortion
9. Foggy
10. Framed
11. Golden Mean
12. “Hair” It Is
13. Hearts
14. Here’s Your Sign
15. High Key
16. History
17. Holy Smoke!!
18. I Had A Dream
19. I Want One
20. I Wish I Could/I’m Sorry I Did
21. In The Clouds
22. In The Trees
23. It Floats
24. It’s a Mail/Male Thing
25. Juxtaposition
26. Light And Airy
27. Lost/Forgotten Items
28. Love Is…
29. Mirror Image
30. Other Photographers
31. Out of Control
32. Out of Place
33. Over The Hill
34. Passage Ways
35. Photojournalism
36. Pretty Baby
37. Rainy Day
38. Ready For A Book Cover (Include the name of your book)
39. Shallow Depth of Field
40. Shot In HDR
41. Splash
42. Standing Out From The Crowd
43. That Reminds Me
44. That’s Dangerous!
45. That’s So Funny
46. The Color Pink
47. The S Curve
48. There’s Nothing Better Than…
49. Ugly
50. Up Close
51. Way Down Low
52. What’s Cooking 

A1   Black And White
A2   Family
A3   I Saw It On Vacation
A4   My Hometown
A5   Silhouettes
A6   Animal(s) At Play


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