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Week 27 – #36 Light

on January 27, 2013

I enjoyed going up to St. Pete with the West Coast Camera Club on Saturday evening with the goal of photographing the full moon rising over the Pier.  Since the pier may or may not be demolished in the up coming months due to decay of the sub structure, with all the times I have gone up to the pier for different photographic events, I had not as yet taken a photo of the pier structure itself.   I did not think I was taking a photo for the blog, but when I started to process it, I found it fit the theme of Light very nicely.
The moon in January was called a wolf moon.  It got that name from the Native Americans because they used to hear the wolves howl outside the villages.  The  the Algonquin name for that moon is squochee kesos or “sun has not strength to thaw”.  Well the Algonquin were not in Florida, with our 75 degrees – no freeze here.
Whatever you call it – it was a full moon and it cast a great glow, which this pair were taking full

Love in the moonlight.

Love in the moonlight.

advantage of the “Light by the Silvery Moon”.


9 responses to “Week 27 – #36 Light

  1. shelby1120 says:

    Lovely photo and framing of it. Good back story and the couple sitting together makes it very personal.

  2. preed913 says:

    Lovely photo – did you by chance tell the couple you were taking the photo? – i bet they would have LOVED a copy of that.

  3. Sue Karski says:

    Yes, I did tell them. Matter of fact, they were getting up to leave and I asked if they would just sit back down for one more shot, which they did very graciously. This was a first for me, since I seldom take photos of people. They were there with a member of the camera club and it is posted on the meetup site so they can see. I will send it to them if they ask.

  4. tnwaltz says:

    Another stunning photo, Sue. Do you ever take a bad shot? I doubt it. I love this photo!

  5. Sue Karski says:

    Thank you very much – you are much too kind.

  6. ronaldhecox says:

    Very nice composition and I really like your framing.

  7. very awesome shot! check some of mine out at , I love taking shots downtown by the pier! 🙂

  8. thegatorgal says:

    Gorgeous. Love the way the moon’s reflection leads down to the couple.

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