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Week 31 – #24 630

on March 5, 2013

I struggled with this theme.  And I really wanted to do something outside of the box.  I did not want to just hang on a clock.  I even tried to find a license plate in St Maarten.  Close – found 629 but not 630.   I am giving in to the time – only because I have spent more time on this one theme than I feel I should have.
The following is the clock in St Maarten shopping area in front of a church. 630 - 2But – I could not just let it go with this – I found this on a jeweler’s shop in Sint Maarten as well – 630 - 1You can say I sold out on this one.  So I will follow this post with one – that is a bit over the top (you might say).


One response to “Week 31 – #24 630

  1. tnwaltz says:

    This is indeed a tough one…one I am also laboring over. Good job!

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