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Week 32 – # 23 Above and Beyond

on March 5, 2013

I really wanted to get something that was above and beyond to fit this theme.
When talking about flying – the planes go above and beyond what we can do with our feet on the ground.   And then there is  this.   There are not many beaches where you can spend your time getting your suntan – and then have a plane start its approach right above your head.
Sunset beach on Sint Maarten is such a beach.  I waited for a large plane, but Jet Blue decided to be more than a half hour late, so I had to settle with a smaller plane.

I think you would agree – this is above and beyond for what you expect on a beach in the Caribbean.Above and beyond

And I thought the view on the beach would get your attention as well.


4 responses to “Week 32 – # 23 Above and Beyond

  1. tnwaltz says:

    Sue, I’m sure we’ll get a comment from Larry on this one.

  2. mindytowns says:

    Is this why we haven’t seen you lately?! You hanging out on the beach?! Great photo! Hurry Home!

  3. thegatorgal says:

    That is quite a photo! Your bathing beauty is taking a picture too!

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