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Week 33 – # A5 Lane

on March 10, 2013

There are many lanes, but I loved this one in Sint Maarten shopping area.  With all the colorful shops, having this car sitting there just made it for me.  This was just off the main street of shopping in Philipsburg.  The shops in this lane are closed off at night, but the gate swings open at 7:30 AM and the shops start to open and the smells of the crepes, glacies, and other foods will treat your senses.



4 responses to “Week 33 – # A5 Lane

  1. Donna says:

    I like the way that shot came out!

  2. preed913 says:

    I want to be there! – you described it perfectly with the photo and with your words!

  3. billemills says:

    Hi Sue,
    Love the pictures and it looks like you have been to a number of islands that I am about to visit on a cruise -we will have to compare pic’s.

  4. thegatorgal says:

    Tons of stuff going on in that lane! Really makes you explore the image.

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