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Week 34 – # 8 WOW

on March 17, 2013

I recently sailed on Island Windjammers’ newest edition – the Sagitta.  This was an experience for me as it was the first time sailing on a non-mega cruise ship.  The Sagitta is 120 ft, and while in its home port in St. Maarten, the Holland America’s ms Nieuw Amsterdam was also in port, that was the ship on which I sailed around Italy.  I pointed out the lanai of my room on that ship to my sister and detailed the fact that the room was higher than the top of the top mast on the Sagitta.  I mention this to help explain the major  differences I experienced.  Did I mention that I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences on the Sagitta?  Well, as much as I enjoy my comforts from the big ships, the personal experiences on a ship like the Sagitta, overwhelm.  With a crew of 10, you get to talk to all of them and learn just a bit about each of them.  This includes the Captain – Matt, who made sure we understood one hand for the ship at all times and while we are there to have a fantastic time, safety is always important.  Laurie, the purser, (but she is a lot more than that) took care to make sure we had everything we needed and made arrangements for what we didn’t.  Did I mention the absolutely wonderful meals?  Lenny, what you did in a kitchen that is smaller than my office at work was fantastic. Deserts to lust for, and hand made pasta.  Oh My!  Now while, I will only list the rest of the crew – they were all very friendly and welcoming   (especially getting me and the camera gear on and off the ship multiple times – with a rental camera).  Thanks to Rudy, George, Mr. Bones, Laurie (aka Fish), Jones, Johnny, Simon.
This whole trip was a WOW.

But now to pick out a few pictures for this was difficult, since I could fill an album.
In St. Barts, I saw this ship, with the fold out – lounge on the side.  Really?  Yes!WOWAnd please bear with me on this one – I tried –  it was just too beautiful not to try, but at night on a moving ship taking a photo of another moving ship is not easy. This black ship with all its lights and the glow in the water. Imagine this scene while you are enjoying a drink after dinner on deck.    So here it is – just don’t blow it up any bigger.

beauty at night
And Finally, not to be missed is the Sagitta herself.  – I need to give credit to the photographer on this one since I did not take it. This photo was taken by my sister Donna Pawl.  She was in a dinghy going around the Sagitta, both while moving.  (I was on the Sagitta taking photos of her taking photos of us).  Thank you Donna for use of your photo.

This trip was WOW.  Thank you to the Wonderful Crew of the Sagitta and Island Windjammers.Sagitta


7 responses to “Week 34 – # 8 WOW

  1. Donna says:

    Great shots Sue! The black ship is beautiful at night, with her lights all aglow. Glad you could use my Sagitta shot.

  2. preed913 says:

    what a wonderful experience – and a whole load of new photographic challenges! – great reading and viewing.

  3. shelby1120 says:

    What a lovely story and detailed feelings about being on such a special ship. But I do admite the photo taken from the dinghy – I probably would not venture that far away in a dinghy unless it had its own captain!

  4. tnwaltz says:

    Sue, the description of your trip made me feel as if I were there with you…if only I had been. Wonderful photos and descriptions and how very special to have shared it with your sister.

  5. Patty White Shealy says:

    Hey Cousin, great story and pictures!! Sounds like a good time was had by all… not to mention fresh hand made pasta no less!!

  6. thegatorgal says:

    Great narrative and boat pix. Makes me realize that in less than two weeks I’ll be on a 124′ liveaboard in the Silver Banks.

  7. Sounds like a great time indeed. I enjoyed your comments during our reception Friday. Nice photos.

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