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Week 37 – #50 Its Bent or Twisted

on April 13, 2013

I have  been driving by a tree every day that  is all twisted up, but of course, I do not have my camera with me.  This prompted me when I was in the Caribbean to remember this particular theme.  On Sint Maarten (Dutch side) there is a beach – sunrise beach.  It is so named because it is the beach to catch sunrise.  There is a lovely cove and the parasailing and wind surfers are out in full force just beyond the waves off the right just outside my frame.  I was not there to photograph them, and I did not have a long enough lens (400 plus 1.4 converter was still not enough other than to show them as a colorful blip).  It was this wind shaped tree.  The leaves are only on one side, which would not provide much for shade for the one slat rope swing.  Try I may, everytime I was driven to this beach, there was always a car parked under it, until we were leaving for our cruise.  Unfortunately it wasn’t sunrise, but it was still a lovely view and you can imagine what this poor tree has lived through to have all its branches twisted to one side.

Bent or Twisted


4 responses to “Week 37 – #50 Its Bent or Twisted

  1. tnwaltz says:

    This is an interesting photograph, Sue. I can just imagine a little girl swinging high with her pretty blond hair blowing in the wind. The tree in itself tells a story, doesn’t it?

  2. billemills says:

    Nice shot sue – the day we were in Sint Maarten we were soaked to the skin so this is what it really looks like.

  3. ronaldhecox says:

    The tree appears to me as pointing to the left for something of interest. The colors and the border really enhances the picture. Nice job.

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