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Week 38 – #10 Workers Present

on April 21, 2013

Taking photographs of people is something I did years ago, and now I spend most of my time photographing nature.  The themes are getting down to the ones that are getting tougher to meet.  Workers Present is one of these.  Fortunately, my cruise on the Island Windjammers’ ship  Sagitta has answered this one.  I have a volume of photographs of the crew doing their jobs.  With so many to choose, from dropping the anchor to handling the sails, I decided to go with one, that would mean more to you the viewers.  Here are two members of this fine crew looking back towards the wheel house as the sunset lite up the horizon.  Everyone including “the workers” enjoy a view like this. Now where is my Rum Punch!Sagitta workers present


6 responses to “Week 38 – #10 Workers Present

  1. shelby1120 says:

    Beautiful sight and story to go with it. Rum punch sounds very inviting.

  2. Mary Nell Moore says:

    I love the story this tells. Such a beautiful scene.

  3. Donna says:

    That was a beautiful sunset as we left St Barts! A memorable trip, for sure.

  4. Ron Hecox says:

    Good job and love the colors.

  5. preed913 says:

    gorgeous sky! – good read too!

  6. billemills says:

    Great shot that I am sure we will see in a competition soon – well done

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