Week 44 – #16 Manual Labor

I had a time time trying to think of what to photograph for manual labor.  I drove up to Pinellas to a park where they were doing a Fire Truck pull.  I had never seen of a Fire Truck pull, so I needed to check this out.  

This is an annual event to bring notice to the need for blood marrow donors through the BE THE MATCH FOUNDATION.  Teams of 6-8 people compete against each other. Each team must pull the truck over a set distance and the team with the best time wins bragging rights, trophies and medals.

These are everyday men and women who do this for a great cause and the competition is very strong.  A fun event to watch (no manual labor for me).

manual laborGlad those trucks have engines.


Week 43 – #34 Faith

As you know, I tend to look for something other than the norm to represent a theme.  Today is no exception.  Faith.  Where does your mind go when this term is used?  Churches, cemeteries, family, and for some – wine?
Faith to me is a state of mind.  The photographs I chose to represent my interpretation of this theme come from the good folks at Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota, FL.  I had visited them last year, and I just made my second trip out to go “Behind the Scenes” where you can photograph the cats. This time I went with James Corwin Johnson with A Photo Experience.    They release a couple of the cats into an enclosure behind their regular cages, and we get to stand in a second enclosure with only the single fence.  This makes for easier photography.  The animals in these photographs are “retired” circus or performing cats.
The Faith from the cats, is that they will be housed and fed for the rest of their lives without fear of being abandoned or harmed.  The Faith from the young man in these photographs, is that the cats will respect him and not cause him harm.
I would say he has a LOT OF FAITH – looking at  these photos.Faith Faith 2

Week 42 – #12 Politically Incorrect

I love the term politically incorrect – it has so many meanings and is misused so often.  As my subject for this is not necessarily “politically” incorrect, since it has nothing to do with the political process, it does take on the social context of this term.  The term is used to denote language, ideas, policies, and behavior as seen seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in a variety of contexts.

As a non-smoker and definitely not a cigar aficionado, this is one habit that I do not partake/enjoy.   With that in mind, Jeff Jumper very nicely agreed to pose for this photograph with one of the cigars from his company in his very “politically incorrect” t-shirt.

Jeff and his wife Nada have a Cigar line – Nadi Cigars in which they have spent considerable time selecting the leaves to make their own unique brand of cigars.  Nada Jumper also has a cigar review blog.  For those of you who have an interest in cigars, please check out their cigar line.

Their website is – http://www.nadicigars.comPolitically Incorrect

Week 41 – #49 Anyone Home?

There have been a number of people in this 52 week blog who have submitted their interpretation of this theme.  I kept looking around for what would fit for me.  I had thought of going with the eagle’s nest, osprey nest, but just a bunch of branches without the residents left me feeling as if the photograph was unfinished.

I decided to search out bird houses.  Of course, not a simple bird house would do.  I looked at a few of those, and like the empty bird nests, they didn’t say anything to me.

This bird house on the other hand, says a lot.  The detail and thought that went into the design and the materials used makes this bird house unique.

For those of you who do not know, I work as a software Project Manager for a company, Cobra Software Group, LLC. We write software for jails and prisons.  I want to thank them for letting me photograph “the House”.

If you think of the birdhouse in the context of,  “Is Anyone Home?”, one hopes not, but reality is there would be birds on the roof, the porch, and surrounding branches, but it is gratefully missing the barbed/razor wire.Anyone Home

Week 40 – #9 Highways and Byways

I am going to continue to take you on my Death Valley excursion.  My thoughts of what Death Valley would be like were blown away when I got there for sunrise and it continued as I drove around the park.  It was nothing like I expected.  It contains some intense rock structures and mineral deposits.  This one way road – Artist Drive takes you past a visual feast of Death Valley’s most interesting rocks.  It is a dipping, diving, curving road that weaves through ravines and colorful rock formations.  The highlight of this nine mile loop occurs at Artist’s Palette where you will see sea green, lemon yellow, periwinkle blue and salmon pink mineral deposits splashed across the barren background.  The effect is most intense during the evening as the colors change rapidly with the setting sun.   Unfortunately, we took the drive at 11:00.  But even at that time you can see the colors and you can imagine how much more they would be just before sunset.  This is definitely a Byway you should take if you ever get to Death Valley. (just watch out for drivers stopping anywhere – including blind curves )highways and byways artists palette