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Week 40 – #9 Highways and Byways

on May 1, 2013

I am going to continue to take you on my Death Valley excursion.  My thoughts of what Death Valley would be like were blown away when I got there for sunrise and it continued as I drove around the park.  It was nothing like I expected.  It contains some intense rock structures and mineral deposits.  This one way road – Artist Drive takes you past a visual feast of Death Valley’s most interesting rocks.  It is a dipping, diving, curving road that weaves through ravines and colorful rock formations.  The highlight of this nine mile loop occurs at Artist’s Palette where you will see sea green, lemon yellow, periwinkle blue and salmon pink mineral deposits splashed across the barren background.  The effect is most intense during the evening as the colors change rapidly with the setting sun.   Unfortunately, we took the drive at 11:00.  But even at that time you can see the colors and you can imagine how much more they would be just before sunset.  This is definitely a Byway you should take if you ever get to Death Valley. (just watch out for drivers stopping anywhere – including blind curves )highways and byways artists palette


6 responses to “Week 40 – #9 Highways and Byways

  1. preed913 says:

    Breathtaking really – and enjoyed your description too AND the framing.

  2. tnwaltz says:

    Thanks for a glimpse into Death Valley, someplace I have always wanted to go. Beautiful photography.

  3. ronaldhecox says:

    Great pictures and thanks for the advice and information.

  4. billemills says:

    Beautiful shots as ever – did not realize it could be so picturesque

  5. Lovely landscapes, as usual!

  6. thegatorgal says:

    Are you sure you didn’t Photoshop that sign onto a photo of an oil painting? Oh, wait, no, that would be Larry. Nevermind.

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