Week 41 – #49 Anyone Home?

There have been a number of people in this 52 week blog who have submitted their interpretation of this theme.  I kept looking around for what would fit for me.  I had thought of going with the eagle’s nest, osprey nest, but just a bunch of branches without the residents left me feeling as if the photograph was unfinished.

I decided to search out bird houses.  Of course, not a simple bird house would do.  I looked at a few of those, and like the empty bird nests, they didn’t say anything to me.

This bird house on the other hand, says a lot.  The detail and thought that went into the design and the materials used makes this bird house unique.

For those of you who do not know, I work as a software Project Manager for a company, Cobra Software Group, LLC. We write software for jails and prisons.  I want to thank them for letting me photograph “the House”.

If you think of the birdhouse in the context of,  “Is Anyone Home?”, one hopes not, but reality is there would be birds on the roof, the porch, and surrounding branches, but it is gratefully missing the barbed/razor wire.Anyone Home


4 thoughts on “Week 41 – #49 Anyone Home?

  1. Jailbirds! – love it …. perhaps that’s why they call it a “Murder” of crows – although they wouldn’t fit in this cute little house! I like that you think about the theme and then go looking for it – I’m getting to the stage where I take a photo and then try and make it fit a theme!

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