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Week 42 – #12 Politically Incorrect

on May 12, 2013

I love the term politically incorrect – it has so many meanings and is misused so often.  As my subject for this is not necessarily “politically” incorrect, since it has nothing to do with the political process, it does take on the social context of this term.  The term is used to denote language, ideas, policies, and behavior as seen seeking to minimize social and institutional offense in a variety of contexts.

As a non-smoker and definitely not a cigar aficionado, this is one habit that I do not partake/enjoy.   With that in mind, Jeff Jumper very nicely agreed to pose for this photograph with one of the cigars from his company in his very “politically incorrect” t-shirt.

Jeff and his wife Nada have a Cigar line – Nadi Cigars in which they have spent considerable time selecting the leaves to make their own unique brand of cigars.  Nada Jumper also has a cigar review blog.  For those of you who have an interest in cigars, please check out their cigar line.

Their website is – http://www.nadicigars.comPolitically Incorrect


3 responses to “Week 42 – #12 Politically Incorrect

  1. thegatorgal says:

    Soooo? Did you check it out?

  2. Sue Karski says:

    only on the shirt. Ha Ha

  3. JjEO5S says:

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