Week 43 – #34 Faith

As you know, I tend to look for something other than the norm to represent a theme.  Today is no exception.  Faith.  Where does your mind go when this term is used?  Churches, cemeteries, family, and for some – wine?
Faith to me is a state of mind.  The photographs I chose to represent my interpretation of this theme come from the good folks at Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota, FL.  I had visited them last year, and I just made my second trip out to go “Behind the Scenes” where you can photograph the cats. This time I went with James Corwin Johnson with A Photo Experience.    They release a couple of the cats into an enclosure behind their regular cages, and we get to stand in a second enclosure with only the single fence.  This makes for easier photography.  The animals in these photographs are “retired” circus or performing cats.
The Faith from the cats, is that they will be housed and fed for the rest of their lives without fear of being abandoned or harmed.  The Faith from the young man in these photographs, is that the cats will respect him and not cause him harm.
I would say he has a LOT OF FAITH – looking at  these photos.Faith Faith 2


5 thoughts on “Week 43 – #34 Faith

  1. I went out there once and just as I was walking near a caged area, one of the cats let out a big roar and I had faith that the fencing was strong enough to keep the tiger in the cage! Nice work, as usual, Sue.

  2. Sue, you definitely brought a very emotional feeling by expressing the faith necessary on the part of the caretaker and the beautiful animals. And it is special because of Sarasota’s circus background too.

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