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Week 44 – #16 Manual Labor

on May 26, 2013

I had a time time trying to think of what to photograph for manual labor.  I drove up to Pinellas to a park where they were doing a Fire Truck pull.  I had never seen of a Fire Truck pull, so I needed to check this out.  

This is an annual event to bring notice to the need for blood marrow donors through the BE THE MATCH FOUNDATION.  Teams of 6-8 people compete against each other. Each team must pull the truck over a set distance and the team with the best time wins bragging rights, trophies and medals.

These are everyday men and women who do this for a great cause and the competition is very strong.  A fun event to watch (no manual labor for me).

manual laborGlad those trucks have engines.


6 responses to “Week 44 – #16 Manual Labor

  1. preed913 says:

    and doing this in the heat too! nice capture!

  2. tnwaltz says:

    I can’t imagine the strength and endurance this took.

  3. thegatorgal says:

    You captured every grunt and groan. Good job.

  4. ronaldhecox says:

    You surely captured the theme here. That is some serious manual labor.

  5. shelby1120 says:

    This is definitely something you don’t see every day, and you captured it so well

  6. Traci Kegerreis says:

    They are all dont see that much in the “Manual Labor” photos. Looks like a fun event…to watch!

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