Week 49 – # 48 Point or Pointed

Button BushThis button bush was at the end of the bloom but I thought the flowers were still so very pretty.  The crown of pistils that extend out from the normally white round spheres thus presenting the points to the sphere.


Week 48 – #30 You Say Black, I Say

You Say Black, I Say Black and White.  Here is my submission for this theme – It is the Sagitta in port in Saint Marten with the Alexander Von Humboldt II from Bremerhaven anchored off in the distance.  I little Black and White treatment on this with some antiquing to get the effect.  I think she is just a beautiful ship ( but I am not impartial). Sagitta in Port

Week 47 – # 14 All Alone

frog-2This lil’ frog or toad (I never know which) was hidden in between the leaves on shrubbery just outside my office.  He was all alone – but he was checking to make sure he stayed that way – looking out for those winged feathery creatures that would puck him from his leaf and make him their dinner.  I had pulled the leaf down to get the photo, and gently put it back to keep him safe.

Week 45 – #39 Red

Dennis ColletiThe theme RED  left me with a lot of things that to me seemed red, but when I got close to them, flowers and the like, they seemed more orangey than red.

Fortunately for me, a new company opened us in our building in which I found this wonderfully RED race car.  When I first saw it, it was in pieces but it was not too long before it was all together and ready for the owner – Dennis Colletti.  I put this together to show off his car.  Good Luck to him in his racing.
I am updating this post as I found out the owner’s name is Colletti not Colleti.  So much for taking the information from the car.  I also wanted to give a Thank you to John.  John’s business is Rehab Engineering who was working on the car and gave me the access to do the photography.  John does fabrication, steel/aluminum, setups and parts.  He just moved his business to this location on 63rd Ave in Bradenton and if you are interested in getting this type of work – give him a call  941-527-5050.