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Week 48 – #30 You Say Black, I Say

on June 23, 2013

You Say Black, I Say Black and White.  Here is my submission for this theme – It is the Sagitta in port in Saint Marten with the Alexander Von Humboldt II from Bremerhaven anchored off in the distance.  I little Black and White treatment on this with some antiquing to get the effect.  I think she is just a beautiful ship ( but I am not impartial). Sagitta in Port


4 responses to “Week 48 – #30 You Say Black, I Say

  1. tnwaltz says:

    They are so beautiful to photograph and, as usual, you captured her beauty very well.

  2. Ron Hecox says:

    Very nice and the B&W is great. When stationed in Bremerhaven back in the late 60’s I do remember there being a sailing ship there so did the research and see it was obviously not the one in the background of your picture.

  3. Donna Pawl says:

    While B&W is not my usual cup of tea, this shot with the masts and rigging of 2 ships, the light play on the water, all lends itself to the B&W presentation … now looking like an artful pen and ink! Great work Sue!

  4. thegatorgal says:

    You gave a beautiful composition added drama. So Sue Karski.

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