Week 52 – #7 Shadows

Shadows-2Wow. This is the last entry in the first 52 week themed photo challenge – 2012 to 2013 Themes.   I tried to think of things to use for Shadows.  I have lots of ideas but most of them require setup or prep time.  I will still work on those as I think they have potential for great photographs.  In the meantime, I saw this little wire cup and with a tea light and the shadow patterns it creates that I loved.  This was taken at f4, iso 100, 3 seconds, manual exposure.  I then pushed the vibrance and saturation to get the yellow to orangish color.

Don’t forget this isn’t the end – a whole new challenge starts on August 1st with the new 2013-2014 Themes.  I will be reaching for new ideas for whatever themes the ladies present to us. So continue to follow  this and come along for the ride. My camera has another trip to the Canon rehab center coming up shortly as it is not working as it should.  I might be a week behind in starting the new challenge.
Thank you for joining me on the 2012 – 2013 photo challenge, I hope I kept you interested and provided you with some interesting photographs.

So now with a short inhale and a very gentle puff and the candle is out on the 2012 – 2013 challenge.


Week 51 – #21 What a Choice

What a choice 5What a Choice!  Boy, I could not think of a more appropriate title to match this sport.  Extreme Mud War  was held in St. Pete again this year, organized by Tampa Bay Club Sport.  I can say that well maybe xx years ago I might have considered doing something like this, but not now.

It was held at Spa Beach in St. Pete, FL.  There were 8 events – Dodgeball, Belly Bumpers, Joust, Football, Tug-a-war, Ball Frenzy, Obstacle Course, Eliminator.  Mud everywhere – including on me this year.  I did not manage as well as last year and the Joust got me wet and Football sent a splash of mud in my direction.  The Joust did get my camera, but fortunately, that was just water. Football missed the camera, thank goodness, but my clothes are soaking – hopefully I will be able to get the mud splatters out.  Here are a few more to give you the idea of what they put themselves through.

What a choice 2 What a choice 3 What a choice 4 What a choice 4a What a choice 1

Week 50 – A2 Creative Angles

Spider Web As others have said, looking at what other people have used in their interpretation of the theme caused them to change their interpretation.  My original thoughts of buildings with glass and structural markings went out the window as it was used and  you have seen that I try to do something a bit different.   I came across this web and what better than the angles that spiders need to work with to create their webs. I photographed what I believe is a silk orb weaver spider and a very large web in some shrubs in Sawgrass park in Florida.  I moved to get the sunlight to glisten on the web and leaving the spider up and away in the web ( I really am not fond of spiders – to say the least).