Week 50 – A2 Creative Angles

Spider Web As others have said, looking at what other people have used in their interpretation of the theme caused them to change their interpretation.  My original thoughts of buildings with glass and structural markings went out the window as it was used and  you have seen that I try to do something a bit different.   I came across this web and what better than the angles that spiders need to work with to create their webs. I photographed what I believe is a silk orb weaver spider and a very large web in some shrubs in Sawgrass park in Florida.  I moved to get the sunlight to glisten on the web and leaving the spider up and away in the web ( I really am not fond of spiders – to say the least).


3 thoughts on “Week 50 – A2 Creative Angles

  1. I don’t like spiders either, Sue, but your angle gave such a nice glow to this photo that it “almost” made me like the little fellow who worked so hard building his web.

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