Week 51 – #21 What a Choice

What a choice 5What a Choice!  Boy, I could not think of a more appropriate title to match this sport.  Extreme Mud War  was held in St. Pete again this year, organized by Tampa Bay Club Sport.  I can say that well maybe xx years ago I might have considered doing something like this, but not now.

It was held at Spa Beach in St. Pete, FL.  There were 8 events – Dodgeball, Belly Bumpers, Joust, Football, Tug-a-war, Ball Frenzy, Obstacle Course, Eliminator.  Mud everywhere – including on me this year.  I did not manage as well as last year and the Joust got me wet and Football sent a splash of mud in my direction.  The Joust did get my camera, but fortunately, that was just water. Football missed the camera, thank goodness, but my clothes are soaking – hopefully I will be able to get the mud splatters out.  Here are a few more to give you the idea of what they put themselves through.

What a choice 2 What a choice 3 What a choice 4 What a choice 4a What a choice 1


10 thoughts on “Week 51 – #21 What a Choice

  1. no way! – ever! – and if bribed with huge amounts of money would still have to wear goggles! – couldn’t bear the thought of it in my eyes! – what great photos – you did a fabulous job!

  2. I never heard of this event, but would be interested in wearing old clothes and going next year! Great texture (ha ha) except the last photo scares me a little…………………………

    1. Ha ha. Scares you a little? She dove into the mud. Lol didn’t appear to be scared at all. I just thought of my knees. Not to mention I had on white shorts which soaked for seven hours because whatever kind of mud that was -it stained. So I definitely suggest dark clothes that you are not going to care getting splashed. The camera well you need to use you body because rain covers do not protect against those splatters that come at you as you are taking the shot. So stay back.
      It was a lot of fun to watch.

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