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Week 3 – #13 Hearts

on August 25, 2013

13  hearts  - my precious


With a number of themes this year, I can see that I will be borrowing from Bill Mills and doing some two-fers and doing a theme more than once.

I had a completely different idea for hearts until I thought about one of my favorite books.  I love the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.   For the few of you who do not know the story, the ring is a integral part of the story.  It even is called – My Precious.   The love of the ring – or actually more the desire of the ring rules the actions of the characters.   So here is my version – of “My Precious.”

I enjoy trying new things with my camera as you have seen from a few of my posts, and this one is no different.  First, I wanted the book on an angle, and that caused working a bit harder to get the shadow.  I worked on getting the shadow to be cast in just the right angle to create the heart. This required controlling the amount of light as well as the direction and height of the light in respect to the book and ring.  I used a rheostat to control the amount of light.  I went back and forth as to whether I should let the words on the page to be readable, but the whole understanding of the photo would be lost without knowing the book, but I did not like when the book title on the opposite page showed as well, so I had to find a capture that had the word Ring in it or something that would help identify the book.  Also due to the type of bulb I used, I changed the white balance to tungsten to eliminate the discoloration of the pages in the book.



17 responses to “Week 3 – #13 Hearts

  1. shelby1120 says:

    Sue, that is such a well planned and well executed photo with such a specific position of the heart.

    • Sue Karski says:

      Thank you – It was a little more involved than I thought it would be when I started this. But it was fun to learn the effects of lighting on the ring and the book. How bright to have it without the light glare back on the ring, and enough to throw just the right shadow. Fun things to try – and you do not even have to leave your house to do it. Great for rainy days.

  2. lbblanchard says:

    I really like what you did. The heart is perfect.

  3. I feed off your creatvity AND thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Sue Karski says:

      Thank you – there are many creative folks in our challenge. Its nice to see different ideas and concepts expressed in their photographs. We learn from one another and sharing info is how we all get better.

  4. tnwaltz says:

    I have often wanted to try this so you have given me inspiration. Great photo.

  5. ronaldhecox says:

    Really nice work Sue. Very creative.

  6. terrykees says:

    This is so clever!!

  7. Bill Mills says:

    Sue, Fantastic and you are right this simple technique requires practice – i tried it a a wedding shoot a while back and could not get the heart shape in the hotel room so had to give up. Love what you did – all your pictures ooze quality.

  8. Mindy Towns says:

    Love it Sue, very creative!

  9. Marie Lough says:

    That’s beautiful. At first my eye went to the words and then the shadow of the ring popped out in a surprising way. Thank you for sharing a wonderful technique.

    • Sue Karski says:

      Thank you Marie, normally you would not want the words to distract you from the reason for the photograph, but I felt in this case, the words tell the story. For a wedding shot, as in what Bill was mentioning, you might also want the words, as you would probably use the invitation or program for the wedding.

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