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Week 4 – # 26 Light and Airy

on August 25, 2013

26 - Light & Airy-2


Again playing with different lighting, I was trying to light the flower and to create the shadow that looked more like a tree shadow.  The light has to be bright enough and high enough but not too high or too bright to make the shadow fall apart.  Of course, I had to rig a wire to hold the flower and that had to be erased. I then took this into Topaz Adjust to give the photo an overall light salmon colored tinge.

The starkness of the single flower and the shadow  is what drew me to try to photograph this.  The petals give the light and airy feel in the  shadow with the different  layers of light bleeding through.

It’s raining  (again) and what better than to play with my camera and determine what kind of lighting to get my desired effects.


8 responses to “Week 4 – # 26 Light and Airy

  1. ronaldhecox says:

    Nice way to spend a rainy day.

  2. lbblanchard says:

    Great lighting technique Sue!

  3. tnwaltz says:

    Instead of playing with my camera on this rainy day, I decided to nap! It was not as productive a day as you had, but it sure made me feel good. LOL

  4. john927fl says:

    What a great idea!

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