Week 7 – Its a Male Thing

24 - Its a Male ThingI know I am going to get some heat for saying this is a male thing, but though there are women who like to rebuild these antique vehicles, it is predominantly A Male Thing.    Here are two done with different effects.

The first was done with the new Canon 70d camera – using a feature that I would not normally use since I prefer to make my own settings and not let the camera control everything.  This option is called Hand Held Night Shots.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised, since this photo was taken at ISO 8000.  I surely expected a ton of grain, but Canon has made some nice advancements. I then finished the photo using Topaz Adjust.

The second photo was done using Aperture setting with an ISO of 400.  I then in Lightroom, I set this to Black and white to bring out the silver paint job and the chrome.

24 - Its a Male Thing 2It was a fun night at Biff’s Burger in St. Petersburg, with a number of antique vehicles and custom vehicles, music and food (mostly burgers and Buffy’s BBQ).



8 thoughts on “Week 7 – Its a Male Thing

    1. I will still do it the way I normally do, for the most part. This feature does not give me the raw file but a jpg. The camera actually takes a series of photos and puts them together in the camera in the jpg. So for those special situations where I do not have my tripod, I might consider this.
      It is just so amazing what they are doing with cameras these days. And I must say, I would have not even tried taking this at ISO 8000 hand held, regardless of the shutter speed because of what I expected to see in the way of grain.

  1. I would say that car shows are pretty much a “male thing”, but I’ve tagged along to a lot of them! My mother-in-law has had two husbands who have rebuilt cars like these – and it’s the woman behind the man that supports their passion.

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