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Week 13 – # 41 Splash

41 - Splash


Splash.  I decided not to do the splash of water.   For splash, I thought a splash of color was appropriate.  Though I did not get the white church steeple amongst the New England fall foliage.  I found this barn set back from the road, with the orange, yellow and red leaves in Vermont.

Mother nature does splash better than we ever could, don’t you think?



Week 12 – # 25 Juxtaposition

25 juxtapositionThank you to Halifax for providing this contrast in fishing vessels.  Which would you want to go on for fishing?


Week 11 – #8 Distortion


8 Distortion8 Distortion b

On our walk from the pier in Halifax, we came upon these pieces of art on the waterfront.

Artists Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg have installed three disorderly, personified streetlamps on South Battery Pier, near Bishop’s Landing.  The installations—”Fountain” and the diptych “Got Drunk, Fell Down”—are part of a series entitled The Way Things Are.

The artists say they want people to be able to interact with their pieces, so the lampposts’ current location is an ideal situation. “There’s already a narrative within the work, and interaction just allows the viewer to be part of that narrative,” says Sonnenberg. On this day, the people were more interested in the helicopter flying over the river. I am not sure what it was doing but it was interacting with the tub boat below it.  I used the lampposts to frame the helicopter.

The Dali-esque fixtures are only scheduled to illuminate South Battery Pier for a year, but such large pieces are difficult to transport and Sonnenberg says she would love to find a permanent home for them somewhere in Halifax.


Week 10 – #9 Foggy

9 - FoggyWe woke up this morning in Vermont and looked out our window and all we could see was this tree.  Nothing else. The fog was very thick.  As we were heading out to photograph the colorful Vermont foliage, we decided to wait a bit for the sun to clear up the fog.



Week 9 – #14 Here’s Your Sign

14 - Here's your signAs I walked up the hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia towards the Citadel, I came across this painted on the side of the building.  Lots of cities are having difficulties dealing with how to handle vagrants.  This was an interesting method of expressing their view on the situation.


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