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Week 10 – #9 Foggy

on October 3, 2013

9 - FoggyWe woke up this morning in Vermont and looked out our window and all we could see was this tree.  Nothing else. The fog was very thick.  As we were heading out to photograph the colorful Vermont foliage, we decided to wait a bit for the sun to clear up the fog.



14 responses to “Week 10 – #9 Foggy

  1. You can be proud of your work. Nice!

  2. tnwaltz says:

    I love the photo and the processing.

  3. thegatorgal says:

    Who knew one of your featured photos from a Fall Colors shoot would be a leafless gray tree in the fog! Good job, as usual!

  4. gwong1 says:

    Great work as always.

  5. Debbie says:

    Very atmospheric and beautiful – really like the pic. Our trees in the UK have not dropped yet and hardly turned colour but our weather has turned so will be any day. They are Full of leaves due to such a wet spring. Lots of clearing coming up in my garden!

  6. ddan10 says:

    Tough to capture the fog. I like this. Really feels like a foggy morning.

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