Week 22 – #16 History

On my trip to New England and Canada, I encountered so much history, how to select a photo to depict it.  Well, I can’t so you are getting a couple from to me the town that depicts History.  As a school girl, we made trips to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail and to actually see the buildings and places about which we were reading.  And I walked part of the Freedom Trail this year with my best friends, so they could see it as well.

16 HistoryHere is the Old State House, which is Boston’s oldest public building, built in 1713 as the seat of the British colonial government.  This is where the Royal Governor and the Massachusetts Assembly debated the Stamp Acts and Writs of Assistance.  The Declaration of Independence was first read to Bostonians from the east balcony on July 18, 1776.  It served as the State House until 1798 and was also Boston’s City Hall from 1830 to 1841.  The Boston Massacre took place in front of the balcony, and the site is now marked by a cobblestone circle in the square.  Here is the grave stone to those souls, one of which was only 12 years old.

16 History-2


And lest I forget – the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere  (with the Old North Church behind him).  16 History-3



Week 21 – #47 The S Curve

47 - The S curveThe walkway S curves between the palms.   This is a view of the Palm Tree Walk in McKee Botanical Garden, which is a private, not for profit garden at the southern part of Vero Beach, Florida.  It is listed in the National Registry of Historical Places.  There are gorgeous bridges both stone and bamboo that are used for wedding photography.   Also some bamboo building and a beautiful wooden hall called the Hall of Giants.  It is a lovely and peaceful place to visit if you are on the other coast.

Taking the following information from their website –

In 1922, the McKee-Sexton Land Company was established in Vero Beach, Florida. This partnership purchased an 80-acre tropical hammock along the Indian River in 1929 and McKee Jungle Gardens was born.

With the help of landscape architect William Lyman Phillips, now known as the pioneer of tropical landscape architecture, the basic infrastructure of streams, ponds and trails was designed. Native vegetation was augmented with ornamental plants and seeds from around the world as Arthur G. McKee and Waldo E. Sexton set about assembling one of the most outstanding collections of water lilies and orchids.

By the 1940’s more than 100,000 tourists were visiting McKee Jungle Gardens each year, making it one of Florida’s most popular attractions. In the early 1970’s, attendance dwindled due to competition from new large-scale attractions and the garden was forced to close its doors in 1976.

The land was sold and all but 18 acres were developed. The remaining acreage, zoned for additional development, sat vacant for twenty years.  The Garden held its formal Dedication November, 2001.


week 20 – #32 Out of Place

w32 Out of placeUpon visiting with my son, I was introduced to Rizzo – the rat.    Having no experience with rats, I was amazed at how calm he was.  Not that I want him climbing on me or anything.  My son wanted a photo of Rizzo with his Christmas tree, and of course, I did not have a flash so had to do this with available light and high ISO.  Rats do not seem to know how to pose, or even sit still for a heartbeat.  lol

I view this as fitting the theme – out of place.  Not something I would want to see under my tree, though with two cats, I do not think I would see this.  It would then be – catch me if you can, with fur,  tree, lights and ornaments flying everywhere  lol.


Week 19 – #27 Lost and Forgotten Items

27 - Lost and Forgotten ItemsSo how many of you remember the old wooden toys.  I remember many days of playing with the pick up sticks with my family.  Looking at these now, how did we survive?  Pointy ends, no electronics, not even bright colors for the paint. We probably ran with them too.  lol.
The Pile On game is by Whitman Publishing Co, from Racine Wisconsin and came out in 1962.  

I had forgotten that I still had these two toys, long ago stuck into a drawer.  

I had to look up the company, because if you are like me, you would go WHO?  No, I do not still have the xylophone, though I did have one  way back when.

Otto F. Schoenhut, son of Albert Schoenhut, started a new toy manufacturing company in 1936 named simply, O. Schoenhut. Their best known products were the 4-5-6 Pickup Sticks and their pianos.

Just after the A. Schoenhut Company exited business in 1936, the Schoenhut Manufacturing Company began operations making pianos and building kits for use with model railroads. The company ceased operations in 1939 or 1940. The Schoenhut Travel Trailer, Nursery Pianoette, and a variety of pianos, xylophones, metallophones, games, and doll houses were made by Schoenhut Manufacturing.

What do you have in the back of your desk drawers or closets?