Week 19 – #27 Lost and Forgotten Items

27 - Lost and Forgotten ItemsSo how many of you remember the old wooden toys.  I remember many days of playing with the pick up sticks with my family.  Looking at these now, how did we survive?  Pointy ends, no electronics, not even bright colors for the paint. We probably ran with them too.  lol.
The Pile On game is by Whitman Publishing Co, from Racine Wisconsin and came out in 1962.  

I had forgotten that I still had these two toys, long ago stuck into a drawer.  

I had to look up the company, because if you are like me, you would go WHO?  No, I do not still have the xylophone, though I did have one  way back when.

Otto F. Schoenhut, son of Albert Schoenhut, started a new toy manufacturing company in 1936 named simply, O. Schoenhut. Their best known products were the 4-5-6 Pickup Sticks and their pianos.

Just after the A. Schoenhut Company exited business in 1936, the Schoenhut Manufacturing Company began operations making pianos and building kits for use with model railroads. The company ceased operations in 1939 or 1940. The Schoenhut Travel Trailer, Nursery Pianoette, and a variety of pianos, xylophones, metallophones, games, and doll houses were made by Schoenhut Manufacturing.

What do you have in the back of your desk drawers or closets?

10 thoughts on “Week 19 – #27 Lost and Forgotten Items

  1. I would love to try Pick Up Stix with you sometime, but I guess we are not as steady as when kids. This brought back cute memories of,that game! And I never got a scratch from that game.

  2. What do I have in the back of my dresser draws: stretched out socks, old slips I will never wear and sweaters I will wear soon! No toys…though I have a hope chest I am reluctant to open…full of too many memories.

  3. Thanks for the history about the games. I did not have games like this as a child but I played pick up sticks with our children. No injuries! I remember a wooden baby rattle , a round cage with a metal rattle inside painted. I do not think they are about now! Health and safety would say fingers will get caught, paint sucked off or the rattle used to thump another child!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Trudie. I did play with these and no accidents. Today’s world is more concerned about every little possible angle that they could be sued because the parents don’t pay attention. Heck we even ran with scissors.

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