week 20 – #32 Out of Place

w32 Out of placeUpon visiting with my son, I was introduced to Rizzo – the rat.    Having no experience with rats, I was amazed at how calm he was.  Not that I want him climbing on me or anything.  My son wanted a photo of Rizzo with his Christmas tree, and of course, I did not have a flash so had to do this with available light and high ISO.  Rats do not seem to know how to pose, or even sit still for a heartbeat.  lol

I view this as fitting the theme – out of place.  Not something I would want to see under my tree, though with two cats, I do not think I would see this.  It would then be – catch me if you can, with fur,  tree, lights and ornaments flying everywhere  lol.



19 thoughts on “week 20 – #32 Out of Place

    1. Thank you Trudie. You gave me a start as I couldn’t remember this post, as it was 2 years ago and I had forgotten about this. My son has informed me that he is no longer.

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