Week 25 – #48 – There’s Nothing Better Than

48 - There is nothing better thanThere’s Nothing Better than a “loving touch from Mom.”  A trip to the Lowry Park Zoo yesterday setup this photo opportunity.   In this case, I guess it is more of a trunk  than a hand, but this Africa Elephant baby named Mpumi was staying close to mom and since elephants have a close family unit, I am sure this “little” 700 lb baby appreciated the gentle touch.  I like how easily this large animal can swing the massive trunk using it to rip branches off trees and yet she can use it to be so gentle and rub /  “pets” her baby.


Week 24 – #11 Golden Mean

11 Golden Mean-2I struggled with what to do for the theme Golden Mean.  The more I read, the more I did not want to do the easy – the spiral staircase, or shell.  Yes, that does demonstrate the ratio, but it would not teach me anything.  So I am going to take a stab at putting the effort into learning just how to use this properly in every day photography.   I not going to go into the math involved in getting the right angles, you can find all that on the internet.  What I will do (badly I will say – so forgive me for this) is to draw the golden spiral on top of this photo so you can see how the ratio is used to draw the viewer up to the horse’s eye.
For those of you who use Adobe Lightroom, under Tools, the Crop Guide Overlay, you can select the Golden Spiral as one of the options to help you crop the photo to maximize the use of the Golden Mean.  I had already cropped this photo to this size and then when I found this option, I turned it on.  I flipped the photo and low and behold the horse’s eye fell right in the end of the spiral curl.  Other examples would be to use this to place people in the appropriate position in a landscape scene.  This is slightly different that just using the rule of thirds.
Hope this helps you to see the golden spiral.

11 Golden Mean


Week 23 – #a1 Black and White

a1 Black and WhiteSometimes the simplest scene is the best.  A fishing dock with gazebo in Apalachicola, FL.  Stormy sky toned down the colorful sunset.  This was a sunset shot, with wonderful oranges and yellows, changed to a light blue grey tint, making the photograph go from colorful and exciting to calm and peaceful, serene. This is my entry for Black and White.