Week 29 – #45 That’s so Funny

Auckland - around townI do not usually do “street photography” – well I do not try to photograph people on the street, but here in Auckland, New Zealand, if you are not careful, you might see this on the street.  I think they thought this up before Sharknado – But when I saw it, I did a double take and then my first thought was of that “movie”.  I put movie in quotes because I use that term loosely.  Any way It was fun watching people enter into the bus – which looks like they are being eaten.   This is from Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium.



Week 28 – #7 Catch Me If You Can

7 Catch Me If You Can 7 Catch Me If You Can-2 7 Catch Me If You Can-3Following up with another set of photos from Bearadise Ranch in Myakka, FL of a Grizzly Bear running directly at my camera.  Catch me if you can – well with this bear running after you – not only would it catch you, but you would probably be lunch.  Bears are incredibly fast (black bears and grizzlies can run as fast as a horse, about 50 km/h).  For 50 or 100 yards a Grizzly can go faster than any horse, and keep it up indefinitely and up hill.    Oh and if you did not know – they can climb quite well too.

Now, please do not think there was any danger. This was taken with a long lens and I was behind a fence.  These bears were in their environment and playing with each other.  The bears seemed to enjoy playing in the water, splashing and clawing and biting a tree branch.  There are fish in the small pond which I was told the occasionally catch.  Occasionally one would break into a run, and this time it was in my direction.

I will say, I needed both a short lens for the times the bears are right at the fence (17mm) and the long zoom for when they were off in the water (250 – 400mm) and the romping in the grass (260mm).

For people who are looking at doing a photo tour, please contact James Corwin Johnson at A Photo Experience on Clark Road in Sarasota (941 – 922-1800).  He will working with Bearadise Ranch in setting up some tours and classes in wildlife photography.  He will coordinate with Bearadise for Camera Clubs.

Week 27 – #43 That Reminds Me

43  That Reminds Me

43  That Reminds Me-2That Reminds Me – of growing up and my father driving Ramblers.  This car was just one of hundreds (lots of hundreds – over 1300 counted by a friend – I didn’t make it that long), on view during the Devereaux-Kaiser Collector Car Meet that was held in Lakewood Ranch.  The requirement was that the car be at least 30 years old.

I walked around through the cars and trucks feasting my eyes on all these antique cars, but at approximately 1:00 after just 3 hours of viewing, it started to drizzle and lots of the drivers started to cover up their cars and head out (as you can see below with the hood buttoned up and umbrellas).  I decided to leave as well, even though there were still over 5 more rows of cars.  43  That Reminds Me-3


Week 26 – #A6 – Animals at Play

A6 Animals at Play-3A6 Animals at Play-2A6 Animals at Play-4I was pleased to be asked by James Corwin Johnson to a sneak preview of his new relationship with Bearadise Ranch.  He will be offering photography tours/classes with Bearadise in the future.  I had a lovely day photographing the bears, which included brown bears and grizzly bears as they played and romped in their enclosure.

Bearadise Ranch is the home of the Welde Bears.  This is a family whose history goes back to a young man, Johnny Johnsen Welde from Norway, who had a fascination with bears to the point he ran away and joined the circus.  He put together a bear act and joined the Ringling Circus back in 1948.   He moved to Tampa with his wife and daughter and continued his training of bears.   His bears made movies for Walt Disney, Universal Studios, and 20th Century Fox, and also appeared in many television shows: The Lucy Show, Beverley Hillbillies, and Lassie to name a few.  Grandson and 3rd generation animal trainer, Johnny D. Welde offers his bears for movies, commercials, advertising, and of course their famous bear shows. When the bears are not working on a project they live at beautiful Bearadise Ranch, a natural habitat facility the bears call home. Here they swim, climb trees, and enjoy life in Florida while keeping in tune with nature.  There are 18 bears that reside at Bearadise Ranch.  We only saw 5 of them during this visit.

A6 Animals at Play