Week 27 – #43 That Reminds Me

43  That Reminds Me

43  That Reminds Me-2That Reminds Me – of growing up and my father driving Ramblers.  This car was just one of hundreds (lots of hundreds – over 1300 counted by a friend – I didn’t make it that long), on view during the Devereaux-Kaiser Collector Car Meet that was held in Lakewood Ranch.  The requirement was that the car be at least 30 years old.

I walked around through the cars and trucks feasting my eyes on all these antique cars, but at approximately 1:00 after just 3 hours of viewing, it started to drizzle and lots of the drivers started to cover up their cars and head out (as you can see below with the hood buttoned up and umbrellas).  I decided to leave as well, even though there were still over 5 more rows of cars.  43  That Reminds Me-3



4 thoughts on “Week 27 – #43 That Reminds Me

    1. There were so many cars and so many photos. I only selected these because of the theme. There were some cars that truly needed to be seen to really enjoy. I was just so sorry it started to rain. I missed a number of vehicles that I would have liked to photograph, but I have to enjoy through other’s photos.

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