Week 33 – # A2 – Family

a2 family-5A Family  of  Baby Great Horned  Owls – these three chicks are just about to fledge.  Mom or Dad were off in some tree.  I was hoping to get them in the photo as well, but they were not cooperating.  But the youngsters were hopping around and trying out their wings.  The incubation period ranges from 28 to 37 days, averaging 33  days. Young owls move onto nearby branches at 6 weeks and start to fly about a week later. However, the young are not usually competent fliers until they are about 10 to 12 weeks old.
Since the photographers around have said they had not as yet flown more than to an outside branch on the same tree, they are probably right around the 6 week age.

a2 family-4a2 family This last photo was taken just as the sun was starting to set sending an orange glow towards the owls.

A big thank you to Bob Bolcik for telling me about these little guys at the George Lepp lecture.


12 thoughts on “Week 33 – # A2 – Family

      1. Yes at 300, most of mine were shot with the 100 – 400, but for the flight. you might need to be able to drop to 200 to 250 mm else you might clip the wings.

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