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Week 37 – #40 – Shot in HDR

on April 13, 2014

40 shot in hdr

For my entry under the theme – Shot in HDR, I am posting this photograph of one of the Hobbiton Hobbit Holes, with the addition of Dusty Wilson, who wanted a photograph with him by one of them.  No, Dusty did not go on the trip, so this was a bit of post processing to add him into the photo.  First the Hobbiton movie set, was photographed using three exposures – 2, -1, 0.  It was too bright and I needed to be sure I was not going to blow out the sky by trying to get the detail in each of the yards outside a hobbit hole.  The chair was there in front of the hobbit hole, with the shirt on it.  I processed the hdr for the background first.  Then with an 8×10 to try to get the angle correct, I photographed Dusty outside the office, in the driveway by work using a blue wall behind him. I was trying to get the right amount of sun on his leg, but not his face, as that portion of the photograph had the back of the chair in the shade, but the front of the chair in the sun.  Dusty posed for a few photos with us turning the chair ever so slightly and using the same lens as the original photos, I tried to capture him exactly so I could just drop him in.

I hope he doesn’t mind my using his photograph for my blog.  I think it came out well. He will get to see the final result on Monday at work.   He looks right at home in Hobbiton, though his front door could use some paint.


14 responses to “Week 37 – #40 – Shot in HDR

  1. George says:

    Wow! Great job.

  2. gwong1 says:

    Another homerun. I wish I were there.

  3. lauramacky says:

    How colorful! And Hobbitish, lol.

  4. Mindy Towns says:

    Fun photo Sue! Where is that place? I’ve never heard of it! Good job getting the light just right on Dusty!

  5. ldyhumbird2 says:

    This the movie site in New Zealand for the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Thanks

  6. Julie Z says:

    Ohhh mannnn, I’m going to have to add this to my list of places to go! Mindy thinks I’m short enough that I wouldn’t have to even duck. 🙂 Awesome pic

    • Sue Karski says:

      Oh and you can get your photo in front of a number of doors and in the Green Dragon Inn with an Ale, with a second breakfast, on the grounds where they were partying before the Dragon swooped in. You will have a great time. I did.

  7. thegatorgal says:

    Whew! I’m exhausted! A lot of work for the “shot,” and well worth it!

  8. Ron Johnson says:

    NICE JOB SUSAN! How did you get that line of people in white on top of the hill to be in your picture? Cool. And nice job fitting in a properly sized Dusty.

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