Week 38 – # 30 Other Photographers

30 Other PhotographersI am going to get something out in open that gets to me when doing photography – and I am hoping my friend(s) will forgive me for using them for this post.

On our trip / cruise of Canada and New England, I was going to take this photo of my friends, Georgia, Gloria and Lloyd in front of the water fall just north of Quebec, but then Becky was thinking the same thing too, so …. I took her taking a photo of them getting all of them (all be it only the back of Becky’s head) in the photo.

Now, I have had people walk up in front of my camera/lens and stick their camera, iphone or ipad right in front of my lens at numerous places.  The first time it happened, I was so dumb-founded I could not even think of anything witty to say.  The second time, all I could muster was “REALLY!?”  One time while in Yellowstone National Park, while getting ready with a long lens on my camera which was on a tripod positioned right on the wall overlooking the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a lady stuck her IPAD in front of my lens.  I was good.  I thought about tipping the tripod forward and taping her IPAD which would have caused her to drop it as she was leaning to get around my tripod and in front of the long lens hanging over the wall.  But I didn’t.  I can say it took all I had not to, though.  Oh and she never said a word to me.

Now this photo is not the same thing, because Becky was there first.  It just reminded me of those other people with iphones and ipads.

There is a general rule of etiquette when out photographing in nature that somehow many people are forgetting –

1) Be mindful of your shadow if you walk up to another photographer that your shadow is not falling into their photograph.

2) If there is a body of water that is calm and a photographer is setting up their shot, be careful not to do anything that will cause a change in the water – your reflection or ripples.

3) Wait your turn if you want to take a photograph from the same spot as someone else, wait.  If it is a sunrise  – sunset that can’t wait – then, ask if you can position your tripod close without getting your lens, tripod leg or something else in their photo. They were there first.

4) Do not walk in front of another photographer without asking if they are done or ok for you to enter the space.    This is a big one for me.

There are alot more but I will not bore you any further.  I appreciate you letting me rant.

I try to pack my patience with me when out in the wild, but sometimes – it is pushed as far as I can take it and my dentist wants me to stop grinding my teeth – at people who left their manners at home.

Thank you to Georgia, Gloria, Lloyd and Becky – great friends.

8 thoughts on “Week 38 – # 30 Other Photographers

  1. I agree that we should be considerate when out shooting. I might as well say it–I get a little miffed when random persons of the male gender come up to tell me how to take my shot! I’m not opposed to advice, but it needs to be done in the right way.

  2. I really like your write up about Memorial Day. Yes I do agree with you about people jumping in front of you while shooting but we keep trekking. Thanks for all the wonderful shots.


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