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Week 39 – #52 What’s Cooking

on May 3, 2014

52 - Whats Cooking-2 52 - Whats CookingI am not going to say I am a food photographer.  Such as proved here.

But those who know me, know I could eat seafood for every meal.  On my October trip to Canada and New England, we stopped on Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Being from Connecticut, I am used to seeing PEI mussels.  PEI is relatively close and that saves on shipping costs and makes the mussels fresher.  Only since I have had them before, I ate full bellied clams while I was there, since you don’t find that many places either.

Now on the latest trip to New Zealand, I had the opportunity to try New Zealand’s green lipped mussels.  Pictured above, taken from two different angles are these behemoths!  This was the first time I have had mussels so big that I had to cut them to eat them.  Truly!!!

These are one of the largest mussel species.  The New Zealand Greenshell mussel industry operates within some of the strictest quality standards in the world and they have been recognized as being one of the top two eco friendly seafoods in the world.  

So if you ever venture to Auckland, New Zealand, down near the waterfront there are a number of cafes/restaurants overlooking the harbor where the sailing vessels dock.  The V Grill (Viaduct Grill) is where we ate, and I ordered a half kilo (just over a pound) which was only 8 or 9 mussels done just perfectly in a light wine/cream broth.  And don’t think the size detracted from the taste. Not One Bit.

My mouth is watering just thinking about how wonderful these mussels were, and it has been 3 months since I had them.  PEI mussels don’t stand a chance against these bad boys.   Dang, now I am hungry and let’s see its only 19 + hours fly time to New Zealand………


2 responses to “Week 39 – #52 What’s Cooking

  1. tnwaltz says:

    I love mussels too and can honestly say I have never seen them this large!

  2. Mindy Towns says:

    Wow Sue! Those are HUGE! Thanks for sharing!

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