Week 40 – #29 – Mirrored Image

29 - Mirrored Image

We are drawing down to the last themes and as it has been said by a few others, now it is starting to get difficult because you know we did the easy ones first.  Now, mirrored image is not a particularly hard photograph to do, and there are many ways to do a mirrored image.  Using an actual mirror is one way, windows or glass doors are another and then there is water, and there are other items you can use like eyeglasses, a pitcher, etc.  Living in Florida, we have a lot of water, though it not usually so completely calm that we can do a true mirrored image.  I was fortunately enough, in that while my sister and her husband were down visiting on the other coast, she asked me to go with them to McKee Botanical Garden in Vero Beach.  They have some lovely gardens with lots of bridges and paths that make this place wonderful for wedding photography. If you are in the Vero Beach area, you should check them out, there is a wonderful hall there with a table that is almost as long as the hall itself that looks to be from one piece of wood.  It is very grand to see.

One of the bodies of water had the palm trees and lily pads with perfectly calm water, it almost looked like I was taking a photograph of the trees and sky, but the lily pads give it away.  The photo was flipped upside down as the trees were actually growing down in the reflection.

9 thoughts on “Week 40 – #29 – Mirrored Image

    1. Thank you, I do try to make an effort on this blog.
      Now,with that said, I do think everyone participating thinks about their photos as well, so I don’t think in that I am special. There have been some great photos and I always look forward to what is submitted.

  1. Ron Johnson

    As with any good image, this one catches the viewer’s eye and draws them into it for a closer examination. I like the result of the extraordinary smooth water.

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