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Week 42 – #20 I wish I could / I am sorry I did

on May 18, 2014

20 I wish I could_ I am sorry I didThe groans will start with this one…..
I saw this picture of the sheep butting its head against the tree and as you can see they have been sheared.  This was taken at the end of summer, so in my mind, the sheep is thinking “I really wanted that heavy wool off of me, but that was weeks ago. Now it is getting colder at night, I am sorry I let them shear me NOW. ”
All of this surprised me at the timing.  I know nothing about sheep or when you shear them, but it seems odd that the shearing is done as summer ends and the temperatures start to fall.  As I read more about it, they are shorn once a year, and depending on climate and local practice, some leave some of the wool on the sheep, which is what these look like with the ripples in the remaining wool.


10 responses to “Week 42 – #20 I wish I could / I am sorry I did

  1. It does seem strange…maybe they would’ve shed their summer coat anyway?

    • Sue Karski says:

      Thanks for commenting. Ahh, but from what I know, sheep do not shed their wool.
      It might be because of the mild climate they can do it then. I just liked the look of the sheep with the head against the tree.

      • tnwaltz says:

        I have never thought much about sheep but your post made me curious. Everything you’d ever want to know about sheering sheep:

      • Sue Karski says:

        Well now I know more. So there are breed of sheep that do not need shearing, some are shorn twice a year, those shorn in the winter need shelter, and the one I love – from the web page that Mary Nell provided – “In 1994, Australian scientists invented a way of removing the wool from sheep without shearing. They inject the sheep with a special hormone, then wrap them in tight hairnets. Three weeks later, the fleece can be peeled off. The new wool harvest technology is called Bioclip™.”
        So back to the sheep in the photo – what is it thinking?

  2. shelby1120 says:

    The combination of the heat butting and the ripple effect make this truly unique! Good fun for my early morning!

  3. Who knew? I learned something about sheep!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Sue, I truly enjoy your pictures because not only do l get to appreciate your artistic talent for capturing such beautiful shots but l also get the benefit of learning something new about nature.
    Thank you!

  5. All very interesting! A nice pastoral scene.

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