Week 45 – #38 Ready for a book cover


38 - Ready for Book Cover a


I am not ready to write my own book, but if I were, the title would be – “Sunny Outlook – from a Pessimist’s point of view”.  There are days that I am a glass half empty type of person.  Having worked for companies that were sold, I have had to deal with the moving of companies, and  down sizing ( commonly called Restructuring).  My work in Information Technology is logical but very stressful.   I use photography to help me keep a Sunny Outlook and remember there is still a glass half full.

As a side note – the sunflowers are from Sweetfield Farms in Masaryktown, FL.  They have a sunflower maze around May, and a corn maze in the fall.  They sell organic vegetables as well.  Unfortunately, with the storms we have been having the past week, a large part of the sunflower maze was knocked down due to the wind or the water which flooded part of the maze.  There were still flowers standing but not a lot in a cluster for the type of photograph I was hoping for.  Next year need to check them out in early May.

More on Sunflowers.  I read that Native Americans planted sunflowers on the north end of their gardens.  Sunflowers can be used to remove some toxins from the soil, such as lead, arsenic and uranium.  They were used to remove caesium-137 and strontium-90 from a nearby pond after the Chernobyl disaster.  Sunflower products include the seeds, oil, latex (yes they can get latex from sunflowers), and the oil made from the husks for livestock feed.     Sunflower heads do not follow the sun across the sky – but you might notice young plants seem to be doing this, it is just as the head grows it turns towards the east – adult plants do not.  But the head will point East.  Yes – East.  There are wild varieties that have more than 1 flower head, but the ones we usually recognize only have 1 flower head.  The tallest recorded sunflower was 27 feet (8.23 m).  Wow think of what was needed to keep it upright.

The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas and the national flower of the Ukraine.  Van Gogh did a series of paintings with the subject of Sunflowers.


9 thoughts on “Week 45 – #38 Ready for a book cover

    1. Thanks. I thought as we are coming close to the end for this year, that I needed a new look to the page. Oh you have that so true. Photography relaxes me. But a good lunch works too.

  1. preed913

    Interesting info about the sunflowers and I have made a note in my calendar for next year re Sweetfield Farms thank you!

    1. It’s about an hour and half drive up there. There is family stuff, so you might get some people photos. With the piglet races and other things. I think you might like it. But be prepared for bugs. I wore shorts. I still itch.

  2. Ron Johnson

    Sue, very interesting information about sunflowers. The information that they absorb toxic chemicals from the soil is somewhat distressing. I consumed a lot of sunflower seeds as a kid. So I wonder what that may have done to me….maybe that is why I am so into photography. Ron Johnson

    1. Ron, I would not worry too much, I doubt the ones used to extract toxins were not also used for seeds. Glad you found this interesting. Hope you are doing well and you might want to consider doing the next fifty two week challenge.

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