Week 50 – #5 Bouncer

My entry for Bouncer –  from the Extreme Mud Wars held in Tampa Bay on 7/12 and 7/13.2014 mud war-10

That was the wrong way to put these on .   2014 mud war-12

2014 mud war-15

2014 mud war-31

2014 mud war-33

2014 mud war-352014 mud war-18

2014 mud war-25


And just in case you think this was only men – the ladies had the opportunity to do belly bumpers as well – 2014 mud war-42This is an event put on by Tampa Bay Club Sports.  Mud Wars has been a long-standing event put on every summer for the teens in the city’s rec center. It involves a team competition in 8 muddy & wet events. Now it’s open to adults! Portions of the proceeds benefit TASCO, St. Pete’s teen arts, sports, and technology program.

For the past couple of years I have gotten some really great photos from this event.  I never photographed the belly bumpers – and I should have.  Now you can see that these participants are not that dirty – yet.  This was their first event of the day.  They do have hoses with water running all day long so they can get cleaned up (sort of).  This mud is something else – you don’t want it on your clothes – because normal pre treatment will not get it out. This stuff is heavy duty and hours of soaking with something like oxi clean might work.

8 thoughts on “Week 50 – #5 Bouncer

    1. If you weren’t in TN, you could go photograph day two. Its on – rain or shine – just try to stay out of the mud splatter zone. (if that is possible). Last year I got hit with the splatter as I was walking out – made it all the time I was photographing but leaving – not so much.
      And the participants are such willing subjects – and some of them paint their bodies and faces making it even interesting.

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