Week 52 – #2 A Song Title

The last entry in this 52 week photo challenge –   Cheeseburger in Paradise – by Jimmy Buffet

2 A Song Title

But at night I’d have these wonderful dreams
Some kind of sensuous treat.
Not zucchini, fettuccini, or bulgur wheat,
But a big warm bun and a huge hunk of meat.

Cheeseburger is paradise.
Heaven on earth with an onion slice.
Not too particular, not too precise.
I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise.

I like mine with lettuce and tomato
Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes
Big kosher pickle and a cold draught beer         ( ok you can leave these out – I don’t drink)
Well, good god Almighty which way do I steer

For a cheeseburger in paradise
Makin’ the best of every virtue and vice.
Worth every damn bit of sacrifice
To get a cheeseburger in paradise;
To be a cheeseburger in paradise.
I’m just a cheeseburger in paradise.

Please note – that was only sections of the lyrics – but credit to Jimmy Buffet.

And for those of you who know me – that was with a point and shoot ( I am breaking down boundaries here lol)  so the burger is not as much in focus as I really wanted to show the river, the tiki tables, the boats, bridge and scenery – aka paradise.  But the tomato, lettuce and onion are very prominent on that toasted bun. But don’t take that to mean the burger was not good- it was yummy.

Now credit needs to go to the maker of the cheeseburger –  to Woody’s River Roo at 5717 18th St E, Ellenton, FL.  This is a little bar and grill that hugs the Manatee river on the north east side of the river next to the I75 bridge.  There is a place for boaters to slide right up so not just for us landlubbers.  That big red lollipop is actually a sign that says – there is always a full moon over Woody’s River Roo.  

2 A Song Title-2


Now I like their grouper sandwich, but for the blog – I had a cheeseburger (in paradise)  which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you for following this 52 week photo challenge.  I hope I entertained you with some different interpretations or views of other places this year.

A whole new 52 week photo challenge starts next week – with all photographs that were taken after August 1 only, so all new themes and new adventures to begin next week. And now I don’t have work to get in my way.

13 thoughts on “Week 52 – #2 A Song Title

  1. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but your post found me singing along while reading the lyrics. For a “get down” place, Woody’s River Roo can’t be beat.

  2. And for those who don’t know, they also have music. They use local bands and provide an atmosphere with the laid back tunes.
    I can’t sing either – so best we just relax and enjoy the food and drink. lol

  3. Outstanding post. And I have to agree with you that the food at the Roo is really good. Every time we go there it rains, and we have to move inside.

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