Week 3 – #16 Group Portraits

Neon Vibe Sarasota-17 Neon Vibe Sarasota-14 Neon Vibe Sarasota-12 Neon Vibe Sarasota-8 Neon Vibe Sarasota-3 Neon Vibe Sarasota-20

Most of you know I do not normally photograph people, but there are just some events that you can’t skip.  I enjoy the Extreme Mud War up in St Pete and tonight Neon Vibe held a 5K event in Lakewood Ranch.   The participants are given packets of color powder that they pour or throw on one another.  Some were very creative and others seemed just to have it dumped on them.  This is just a few of the people there.  It was quite a crowd of all ages, on crutches and a couple of people were even in wheelchairs.

Thank you Diane for telling me about this and asking me to join in on the fun at the Premier Sports Campus.

22 thoughts on “Week 3 – #16 Group Portraits

  1. Yes, but for the camera – not so much. Diane and I were dancing our way around the clouds of powder in the air. It is supposed to come out of your clothes but ….cameras are another thing.

  2. Those events are a lot of fun! I did one for Color Me Rad in Tampa a couple years ago. If you do it again get a $5 clear plastic camera rain cover. Saves you a lot of time later cleaning… ugg Love your photos! You can tell everyone was having a blast!

  3. I can just see you and Diane dancing around trying to get the perfect shot but at the same time protecting your cameras. Aside from the camera, what about yourselves? I’ll bet you came home glowing.

    1. I think we both did well in keeping it to a minimum. They said it should wash out – but if you were concerned about your hair – to put conditioner in first. I wore a hat (that I didn’t care about) and we did scoot around when we saw the color cloud puffs. We had towels and garbage bags in the car to protect the car just in case.

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